14 People Having Sex With Celebs


“A while back, one of my wife’s friends had a short relationship with an A-list singer. It wasn’t David Bowie, but someone equally as famous with a similar number of record sales. When she was at school, she had a massive crush on him for years (posters on the walls, a pencil case with his face on it — the works). She grew up and became a musician herself. She was nowhere near the same caliber, but you could go into a music store and buy a CD with her face on it. Eventually, their paths crossed and they hit it off. They met for a drink in a pub near where she lived and had a really good time — but he was recognized early on, and people wouldn’t leave him alone. She suggested they go back to her place instead, and they did.”

“She was living in a shared house, so the living room was a communal space and all her personal stuff was in her bedroom. She didn’t expect to take him back, so she didn’t ‘sanitize’ it beforehand (and by ‘sanitize,’ I mean literally take his poster off her wall). She had to do the whole: ‘Errr…just wait here for a few minutes whilst I get things ready!’ then rushed around doing things like flipping her mousepad over so he wouldn’t see his face on it.

It all went well, and they were together for a little while before deciding just to be friends (they’re still good friends).”


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