15 Best Laptop Backpacks & Laptop Rucksacks 2024

It’s time I came clean: owning one of the best laptop backpacks has changed my life. No exaggeration. I used to be tote bag girly, nothing could ever change my mind (they’re the most stylish option, right?) – until my shoulder felt like it was going to fall off.

Turns out lugging around your Macbook, notepad, water bottle (Stanley, of course), makeup and lunch actually wears on your spine more than you’d think. Posture aside, now I own a laptop backpack I’ve been awoken to their many other benefits too.

While it’s true that very little can be done to improve the whole commuting experience (though less train strikes would be fab), a rucksack that’ll fit everything but your kitchen sink inside is a step in the right direction. Trust me; they’re a must-have item for anyone who travels to and from the office every day.

Unaccustomed to laptop backpacks? While work bags, travel backpacks and briefcase-style handbags often feature pockets that’ll happily fit a 15-inch screen size, laptop backpacks have padded, secure compartments specifically for storing them. The best part is that they’re surprisingly chic, too – no velcro in sight. So much so that you’d be happy to be seen out with them on the weekends (though maybe sans anything work-related).

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What should you look for when it comes to choosing a laptop backpack?

After you’ve found a design that will fit the dimensions of your device, the next thing to think about is fabric. Opting for waterproof or roll-top design is a good place to start – the last thing you want is soggy, malfunctioning tech. This sand-coloured iteration from Stubble & Co offers exactly that, plus capacity of up to 20L, with added features such as a cushioned air-flow back panel with fully adjustable straps.

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“I love the fact that the external laptop pocket means you can keep it separate from everything else. It means that, when I need to send a last-minute email on the train (we’ve all been there), I can get to it without having to open everything else up completely,” says Denise Primbet, GLAMOUR’s Commerce Writer.

Don’t forget about the overall style of your new accessory, too. You want it to last, yes, but you also want it to fit in with the rest of your bag collection and ultimately go with your daily outfits – so go for something classic that’ll complement your workwear and beyond.

Our other two favourites include Antler’s Chelsea Backpack which fits a 13-inch laptop and is consequently one of the best travel backpacks, and Away’s The Everywhere Zip Backpack.

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The Everywhere Zip Backpack

What is the difference between a laptop bag and laptop backpack?

If you have a long daily commute and/or have a bit of a walk to get to the office, you’re better off with a backpack than you are with a laptop case or pouch. They’re much better for your spine and shoulders for everyday use thanks to the double (and adjustable) straps, and spread the weight more evenly so you don’t get an achy arm. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to go full-on hiker style with one that features a sternum strap.

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