4 New Bathrooms With a Low-Curb Shower in 64 Square Feet or Less

1. Space-Saving Style

Designer: Milena Fay of Matte & Gloss Interiors
Location: Chicago
Size: 40 square feet (3.7 square meters); 5 by 8 feet

Homeowner’s request. “The homeowner envisioned a contemporary, airy and fresh update for their guesthouse bathroom,” designer Milena Fay says. “Since it’s a rental property, they prioritized maximizing space, user-friendliness and an elevated style. They were open to suggestions for achieving these goals.”

Shower details. Watery blue ceramic wall tile in a vertical stacked pattern. Mosaic Bianco Marea marble floor tile. Recessed niche. “While curbless showers offer a seamless look and easy entry, they can sometimes allow water to escape the shower area, especially if the shower floor isn’t properly sloped toward the drain,” Fay says. “A low curb helps to contain water within the shower stall while still providing a more accessible entry than a traditional high curb.”

Other special features. Freestanding 24-inch oak vanity (Bahia by MOD) with a stone countertop and built-in outlets. The outlets “freed up counter space for storing toiletries and appliances, keeping the bathroom organized and visually clean,” Fay says. A wall-mounted toilet allows the gray marble tile flooring to run underneath to create a sense of more space.

Designer tip. “I used a combination of space-saving features to maximize storage in a small guest bathroom,” Fay says. “A vanity with built-in outlets is a great way to free up counter space and avoid unsightly cords. A wall-mounted toilet not only saves floor space but also makes cleaning the bathroom easier. A medicine cabinet mirror provides additional storage for toiletries and other essentials without sacrificing wall space. By utilizing these space-saving solutions, you can create a more functional and visually open bathroom, even in a limited footprint.”

Fay uses Houzz Pro business software to manage her projects. “Houzz Pro has been my one-stop shop for everything — onboarding new clients, creating mood boards, invoicing, 3D rendering … you name it,” she says. “I started with Houzz in 2017 and migrated to Houzz Pro when it became available. I love the program. It’s the best place for me to conduct my business, and I highly recommend it. I also use Houzz for some sourcing as well. They have a good selection and pricing.”

Vanity: Bahia, 24 inches, MOD; wall tile: Alchemist in Pool, 2 by 6 inches, Wow; shower floor tile: Bianco Marea, 1 inch square, Home Carpet One; main floor tile: Grigio Delicato, 12 by 24 inches, Chadwick’s Surfaces International; medicine cabinet: Maxstow, Kohler; toilet: Toto

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