7 Eco-Friendly Updates to Help Cool Your Home

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5. Audit Your Electrical Appliances

In addition to focusing on the heat entering your home from the outside, it’s worth looking at all the things inside that produce heat too. During hot weather, try reducing your use of electronic devices and appliances.

Inefficient lightbulbs, for example, can produce a surprising amount of heat. If you still have any incandescent or halogen bulbs, now’s the time to switch to LEDs, which get nowhere near as hot.

Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and freezers also emit heat, particularly when they aren’t being used efficiently. Undertake some regular maintenance on yours, cleaning out air vents and defrosting to keep them running as efficiently as possible. If you need to upgrade an appliance, choose one with the highest energy efficiency rating.

Now is also a good time to get into the habit of taking devices off standby when they’re not in use, to reduce both energy consumption and heat.

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