8 Coronation Street spoilers next week: Leanne has an accident

Our Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal that Toyah learns that Leanne has been in a motorcycle accident. Rushing to hospital, is all as it seems? Toyah later gets some further news about her baby.

Meanwhile, Nick sets Leanne an ultimatum, and Michael and Glenda go public with their relationship. And, as Summer returns to Weatherfield, both Ken and Paul take a fall each.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for next week in full below.

Nick and Leanne argue in Corrie
Nick tells Leanne she has to end it with Rowan the Institute (Credit: ITV)

1. Coronation Street spoilers: Nick sets an ultimatum

At the bistro, Toyah is horrified to get a delivery of yellow roses. Distraught, she explains the significance to Nick, telling him it it had to be Rowan who reported her to the police.

Furious, Toyah shows Leanne the roses and card – and Leanne admits she told Rowan. Then, Nick returns home and tells Leanne that either she cuts all ties with the Institute, or they’re finished.

Toyah at the hospital on Corrie
Toyah learns that Leanne has been in a motorcycle accident (Credit: ITV)

2. Leanne’s in an accident

Leanne assures Nick that she would never cheat on him. Later, Rowan visits the Bistro on his motorbike. He hands Leanne a helmet and tells her that he has a surprise. Leanne leaves Nick and Toyah to manage the lunchtime rush by themselves.

At a hotel restaurant, Rowan introduces Leanne to the CEO of the Institute via video call. He tells a flattered Leanne that she will soon be able to recruit new members herself.

As Toyah stets off for her court case, she gets an unexpected call. She rushes to A&E, telling the duty nurse that she had a call to inform her that Leanne has been in a motorbike accident.

3. Toyah gets some news

The police inform Toyah that they can now release her baby for burial. How will she react?

Glenda looks taken aback behind the bar of the Rovers as George shouts at her
Glenda and Michael go public with their relationship (Credit: ITV)

4. Michael and Glenda hit it off

After spending the night together, Glenda ushers Michael out of the back door of the pub. Elsewhere, Dee Dee tells George a mediator would save them both money.

Mary repeats the advice to Glenda, while Debbie offers to do it. Afterwards, Glenda bumps into Michael in the ginnel. After kissing him on the lips, she takes him by the hand and leads him into the Rovers.

When Glenda reveals that RestEasy are keen to buy Shuttleworths, George is furious. Visiting the Rovers, Michael finds George in a blazing row with Glenda.

Michael announces that he and Glenda are now an item – and that he should show her more respect. Pulling Michael in for a kiss, Glenda assures him that she feels the same.

Coronation Street's Ken is at the bottom of the stairs unwell
Ken’s fallen down the stairs (Credit: ITV)

5. Ken takes a fall

As they celebrate Stu’s birthday with a few drinks, Bobby apologises to Ken for getting Daniel into trouble. While they talk, Bobby notices Ken seems unsteady on his feet.

Feeling unwell, Ken heads off home. Concerned, Bobby goes to check up on Ken. But when there’s no reply at the door, he peers through the letterbox – and sees Ken lying at the bottom of the stairs.

Ken Barlow in Corrie in a hospital bed looking unhappy
Ken isn’t happy to learn he’ll need round-the-clock care (Credit: ITV)

6. Ken’s pride is bruised

As Ken is rushed to hospital, Cassie asks Steve about a job at Streetcars. However, Steve makes it clear her reputation precedes her and refuses.

Later, he and Daniel visit Ken in hospital. Ken is dismayed to discover he will need round the clock care whilst he recovers. Steve reassures Ken that the family will pull together and make sure he receives the care he needs. Poor Ken forces a smile.

Summer, Felix, Paul and Billy on Corrie
Summer returns (Credit: ITV)

7. Summer returns as Paul takes a tumble

At an appointment with the MND nurse, Paul learns that his weakening neck muscles mean that he soon won’t be able to use his chair lift. Back at the flat, a specialist teaches Paul how to use his new equipment.

Summer returns from America and reveals her new boyfriend, Felix, is waiting to meet them in the Rovers.

Billy and Paul are about to leave the flat when Paul falls down the stairs. As Paul recovers, Todd turns up and Summer arrives with Felix.

8. Abi and Kevin play detective

Abi tells Kevin that they need to find a computer whizz who can trace her troll’s IP address. Later, they are delighted to read in the Gazette that the documentary about Corey’s prison football team has been cancelled.

Having taken a call from Max, Kevin tells Abi that there’s no way of tracing the person uploading the deepfake porn videos. Dejected, Abi tells him that she’s past caring. But is that the truth?

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