8 Trends in Contemporary Lighting for 2024

The sourcing of the wood was often an important part of the story. New York lighting manufacturer Stickbulb, for example, creates clean-lined, modular hardwired and portable LED lighting fixtures out of locally sourced wood, including salvaged redwood from old water towers and pine from demolished buildings. Its Treeline series — four pendants from which are pictured here — is made from salvaged pin oak from trees felled by construction and storms in New York City. The lights deliver 1800 lumens per foot and come in versions that shine up, down or both directions. In addition to using eco-friendly materials, Stickbulb designed the light so one of its wooden sides opens to allow for easy access to all electrical components and wiring connections, which makes maintenance, repair and end-of-life processing easier than often is the case with integrated LED lights.

The beauty of Stickbulb’s lighting collection, combined with its innovative modular designs and environmentally sensitive practices, earned the company 2024 ICFF Editors Awards for Best in Show and Best in Lighting.

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