Apollo Nida Challenged Probation Ruling AGAIN

Dang, some people are never happy and by “some people” I mean Apollo Nida. This is an ex-husband of a former Real Housewives of Atlanta star who thinks he is a celebrity and rules should bend in his honor.

Most people wouldn’t agree with that assessment and neither does a court judge. Phaedra Parks’ previous spouse has challenged his court-ordered probation after serving jail time for fraud. He has been denied this request in past inquiries, but Apollo is just not dropping that probation bone.

Back to court!

According to Radar, Apollo is back at it and challenging the judge’s decision not to revoke his probation. This is a brand new one I’ve never heard before, so let’s at least give him points for creativity.

Court documents show Apollo has asked for another opportunity to ask the judge to reconsider not letting him run free all over these United States of America. Earlier in June, a federal court determined Apollo has to endure his full probation which should end in 2024.

He was sentenced to eight whole years in the slammer in 2014, including five years of probation and supervised release. He was on the hook for 30 years, but snitched on his associates and took a plea deal. His request to have probation dropped was denied because this man still owes over $1.9 MILLION to the victims he defrauded.

But the binds of probation keep Apollo from being great and … visiting his dead relatives. In his latest motion, Apollo feels he wasn’t provided sufficient time to respond to the opposition. He said he is a “textbook example” of what Congress “intended when” creating a law that allows early termination of probation. Someone needs to tell Apollo that doesn’t apply to everyone.

Not the graves!

Furthermore, Apollo claims he is a “newlywed that has a very stable” home life and added he mentors local youth. Additionally, Apollo offered he spends time with his kids on a regular basis, but I’m not sure why a parent should be recognized for parenting. Apparently, Apollo is gainfully employed on an MTV reality show and is proud of himself for not getting into more legal trouble.

Apollo alleges the probation he earned by committing a crime is putting a damper on his lifestyle. He’s not able to travel overseas to take certain job offers. He also lost several relatives during his incarceration. The docs state Apollo hasn’t been able to “grieve the loss of his family members and loved ones, and this is having a negative impact” on his mental and emotional health. No word on his concern for the negative impact of the people who lost money over what landed him in jail.

Apollo has pleaded with the courts to terminate the probation ASAP.


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