Bachelorette Jenn Tran CALLS OUT Kelly Ripa’s Hypocrisy During HEATED Debate About Finding Love On TV!

Kelly Ripa just got put on the spot by the new Bachelorette!

On Monday’s episode of Live With Kelly and Mark, the longtime morning show host was trying to figure out why Jenn Tran even wanted to go on the hit ABC dating show, asking what we’re sure many have wondered:

“You’re drop-dead gorgeous. You could meet anybody anywhere, at any time. Why, why, why?”

If you can’t already tell, Kelly was judging the whole reality TV relationship thing HARD!

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Jenn, who first appeared on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor, laughed it off at first, saying, “I knew this was coming.” She also asked, “Is Hinge any better?” Ha! We really couldn’t say, but… considering the low success rate of Bachelor Nation romances, we’d guess yes?

Kelly then went off listing all the places the reality starlet could meet a man IRL, but the physician assistant student (who will make history as the first Asian American to lead the show) had the perfect comeback! She paused the interview to ask:

“I have a question. Where did you meet your husband?”

Ohhhhhhhhh snap! Kelly fell right into the trap, answering that she met her husband “at work.” But this wasn’t a normal office job! She and Mark Consuelos met while filming the soap opera All My Children! Jenn called ’em out on it, teasing:

“On TV, no?”

LOLz!!! She came prepared! Kelly nearly jumped out of her seat with rage as she clarified:

“Those are not the same. We were both professional. Are you acting on your show? I didn’t marry [Mark’s character] Mateo Santos. I married Mark Consuelos.”

The ladies then carried on with the segment to talk about Jenn’s experience on the show, her mom’s thoughts, and more, but damn! That really got heated for a second! And Mark just laughed knowingly. That’s a man who’s been on the sidelines while his wife argued before! Ch-ch-check it out (below):

So awkward!

FWIW, a source close to the situation told Entertainment Weekly there is absolutely no bad blood. The women were simply teasing each other and “the interview was well received on both ends,” the outlet noted. Well, that’s good! The audience ate it up, too, cheering on the sparring match!

Do YOU think Kelly is being unfair? Or is she right? Sound OFF with all your reactions (below)!

[Image via ABC & LiveWithKellyAndMark/YouTube]

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