Backstage with Stacey Jackson @ Music In The Park

Peter Andre, Nik Kershaw, Bananarama, S Club 7’s Bradley Macintosh, Pat Sharp, and many more all gathered to headline this year’s Music In The Park event held in Leyland’s Worden Park on May 28th. 

The scene’s eyes and ears were the hosts Roy Barnett and Stacey Jackson, who drilled and entertained the legends of the 80s and 90s with questions and loads of reminiscing. 

Stacey Jackson is quite familiar with the microphone due to her hosting experience. These days, she is excelling in her music career as a pioneer of the 80s dance frequencies and bringing back the rhythmic sounds of this beloved decade. Her playful energy is prevalent in her records, certified dance-floor fillers with the foundation of classic 80s smash, and Jackson works to remodel the sound into modern-day dance hits. 

The highlights of Jackson’s discography are her latest sonic odes to the 80s, such as ‘Flipside,’ ‘Urgent,’ and the rebooted ‘Live It Up’ featuring the rap legend Snoop Dogg. Blending her hosting expertise with her passion for the 80s magic, Music In The Park was the best of both worlds. 



Alongside her co-host, Stacey Jackson interviewed Nathan Moore, Pat Sharp, Nik Kershaw, Deca, Special Guest (Bradley Macintosh from S Club 7, and Peter Andre, who she connected with immediately. She shares some details about her conversation with the English-Australian singer, Peter Andre: 

“We were backstage having a laugh, and I had asked him during the interview what he was up to now. He said he was in a movie, which he also exec-produced and he was very excited about it. He was now taking it to market, gave us a little synopsis (a comedy) so I said “Oh it reminds me of a comedy I was just in called Reboot Camp (It was so random but I wouldn’t have mentioned that if he hadn’t given me the synopsis of his movie – it was such a similar genre I just bounced back on it.) When I said the name of the movie, he reacted “Wait what, I was supposed to be in that movie!” I said “No Way – how?”. He said he had a call from David Lipper (the producer of the movie). (From my understanding he couldn’t go on set because he had just signed a new management who wanted him somewhere else at the same time so he couldn’t make it to LA in time for the movie). He is also the one who called me for a cameo to sing Live It Up in the movie. David and I have known each other since we were 12 and went to prom together, so that was a really fun random connection – and why we also took that little selfie: we sent it to David!” Small world!

We received an intell; Stacey Jackson will be back soon with new material, new melodies, and new dance rhythms with a serving of fabulousness. 

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