Bathtub in the bedroom – the latest luxe bedroom trend

Taking inspiration from your favourite hotel experiences can help glamourise your interiors, and bring a touch of luxury into your home. The latest hotel-esque trend we’ve seen cropping up more than usual lately is a bathtub in the bedroom – the question is, would you try it?

Having a bathtub as part of your bedroom ideas is the ultimate showstopper, the pièce de résistance that you could gaze in wonder at every day. Seeing something that is almost exclusively reserved for hotels in your own home is guaranteed to elevate your bedroom interior to a whole new level of luxe. 

But how practical is it to have a bathtub in the bedroom? It might seem dreamy, but would the reality live up to the expectations? The Ideal Home team have weighed in and shared whether they’d be willing to bring this trend into their own homes.

Freestanding bath next to glass sliding doors with garden view

(Image credit: Victoria + Albert Baths)

Bathtub in the bedroom trend

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