Best Friends’ Time Capsule for When They Get Engaged Goes Viral

Engagements can be so busy that it’s sometimes hard to know how best to congratulate a loved one in the moment.

That’s why two best friends are starting in advance. A video on TikTok by best friends Catherine and Kelly (@catherineandkelly) has gone viral for their idea to create time capsules to celebrate their future engagements. Since the video was posted on May 11, it has received over 400,000 likes and over 2,000 comments.

“POV: You and your best friend make wine bottles for each other to open when they get engaged,” they captioned the video. “With personalized notes attached.”

Two women paint together
Two women paint with watercolors together. A video on TikTok has gone viral after a pair of best friends revealed their adorable time capsules for one another.

Alfonso Soler/Getty Images

The video showed the pair decorating each other’s wine bottles—rosé and Sauvignon blanc—with paint and collage materials. It also revealed the two writing each other letters to go with it.

Viewers in the comments loved the idea, with many saying they’d adopt it for themselves—but with some caveats. One, what if they never get married? Two, what if there’s an emergency and they have to drink the wine in advance?

“Mine would become an ancient artifact,” @ally_lovich wrote.

“One minor inconvenience and we would be cracking them straight open,” @daniellecnixon wrote, tagging someone else.

“Me and my friends would end up drinking it while painting,” @xamarahlou wrote.

Catherine and Kelly’s video reveals that the two were roommates in college. Their profile says they live in San Diego with a shared puppy.

The duo post content very much in line with their time capsule video—one shows the two drinking wine together, while another states that they will never fight over a man because of their wildly different romantic tastes.

TikTok’s Time Capsule Trends

Time capsules are common on TikTok, though many videos opt to reveal the contents of them rather than their creation. As of June 11, the term “time capsule” has over 170 million posts attributed to it on TikTok.

Many videos pay tribute to the relics of the late 90s and early 2000s when children and teenagers made time capsules to open in adulthood.

One viral video shows a 9-year-old time capsule covered in Hello Kitty stickers. Inside? Voodoo doll key chains, a USB drive, and handmade bracelets. Other videos depict “unintentional” time capsules—purses or jewelry boxes that have laid untouched for years.

While Catherine and Kelly’s time capsule may not be an adolescent nod to “girlhood”, they are certainly a nod to young womanhood—and both are just as curious about all the life there is left to live.

Newsweek reached out to @catherineandkelly for comment via TikTok.