Bethenny Frankel Gutted as Paul Bernon Moves On

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Bethenny Frankel breaks silence on split.

Former “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel is speaking out about her split from Paul Bernon. The mother-of-one’s split from Bernon was confirmed by People magazine in May.

However, Bernon, 45, didn’t waste much time putting himself back out there. Weeks later, Us Weekly confirmed that Bernon was dating Aurora Culpo, 35. The new relationship caught Frankel by surprise.

“Hearing about your ex-fiancé committing to another woman shortly thereafter on their first date, and then being inside their relationship hearing about their sex and their gifts and meeting each other’s kids and the level of commitment,” Frankel, 53, said on the July 7 episode of her “Just B” podcast. “It was gutting. It was brutal,” she added.

Bernon and Frankel dated for six years before getting engaged in May 2021. Frankel, for her part, didn’t want to get remarried.

“I don’t want to build a wedding,” she told E! News in July 2023. “I love my life. I love my fiancé. He’s an amazing life partner and I don’t want to sign a contract with someone I love. I don’t want to plan a massive wedding for everybody else and not [do] what we want. I like doing what you want, not what society wants you to do,” she added.

Bethenny Frankel Felt Embarrassed by Paul Bernon’s New Relationship

Also on her podcast, Frankel explained why she felt embarrassed after Bernon’s new romance went public.

“It’s embarrassing,” Frankel said. “Being portrayed as the jilted ex who had been upgraded from — that my ex had moved on from me with a younger woman — and that it regurgitated the continuous narrative that he is a very under-the-radar person who had now gotten serious with someone.  When, ironically, I was the very-under-the-radar person,” she continued.

She also took a moment to share her feelings on Culpo’s role in the whole thing.

“If you’re the new woman in a relationship you need to tread lightly and be cautious about whoever the woman before you was because we’ve all been in both positions,” Frankel said. “I think by sharing all the details of your new relationship, you’re disrespecting the last relationship,” she added.

Paul Bernon & Aurora Culpo Have Already Split

Fans had taken to Reddit to react to Bernon and Culpo’s romance.

“This is a woman who used to give her ex husband a hall pass to hook up with anyone he wanted once a year and was then confused when she found out he was cheating. Good luck, Paul lol,” one person wrote.

“No Bethenny fan but this would tear me to shreds,” someone else added.

However, on her podcast, Frankel seemed to confirm that her ex and Culpo had already gone their separate ways. She seemed to suggest that Culpo talked too much about the relationship (on her podcast, perhaps, though she never mentioned Bernon’s name).

“[Their] actions cost them their relationship, which was brand-new, and who knows what would’ve happened?” she said. A source also confirmed the news to Page Six. Bernon and Culpo dated for about two months.

Culpo was previously married to Michael “Mikey” Bortone. They share custody of their two children, Remi and Solei.

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