Bethenny Frankel Once Hired Bo Dietl, Reacts to Luis Ruelas

Bethenny Frankel Reveals She Once Hired Bo Dietl, Defends Luis Ruelas for Saying He Used PI on RHONJ Cast, and Suggests He's “Fighting Fire with Fire”

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The Real Housewives of New York‘s Bethenny Frankel revealed she once hired private investigator Bo Dietl. She also addressed Luis Ruelas allegedly using the same PI, calling it a “genius” move, and suggesting he’s “fighting fire with fire.”

On the latest season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, multiple castmates went after Luis, lobbing several allegations at Teresa Giudice‘s now-husband. During the season finale, Luis finally seemed to clap back, and he claimed he hired Bo to get info on the cast – though he and Bo later denied it.

On her ReWives podcast, Bethenny revealed that she herself “hired” the famous private investigator after someone “scammed” her “for a diamond ring.”

She claimed she met Bo through a man she was dating who worked in the construction industry. “[Bo] was doing it as a favor to [him]. They all knew each other, cause they knew a lot of people that were connected,” shared Bethenny, who said she hired Bo for about a week.

Bethenny alleged she didn’t use Bo any longer, and she eventually ended up “figuring out” the entire “crime” herself, as she uncovered a “Russian crime ring.”

“Someone went to jail for over a year,” said the alum. “And my diamond was taken for over a year, and I got it back a year later.”

She then shared her belief that Luis’ alleged use of the PI was “brilliant.”

“I think it’s really really smart. Never has there been a group of people that hide information more than the Housewives,” said Bethenny, who seemingly suggested it doesn’t matter if you have nothing to hide.

“I wouldn’t care. I’ve actually had someone — an ex of mine — do it on me, and had me followed and recorded and hack my email, to come up with nothing,” she explained.

“I think it’s brilliant that Louie did that,” added Bethenny, suggesting he’s “fighting fire with fire.”

“He’s saying, ‘I walked into this, and everybody’s got s**t on me, so I’m getting s**t on everybody,’” declared the star. “I think it’s f**king genius.”

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