Bethenny Frankel Responds to AJLT Shady Namedrop

When a person chooses to put themselves on reality TV, they should know that criticism is inevitable. It comes with the territory. And generally, the more popular the star, the more frequent the criticism.

The Real Housewives are often easy targets in pop culture. Such is the case for Bethenny Frankel this time around. The former Real Housewives of New York cast member was recently namedropped for a joke on the second season of Sex and the City spinoff, And Just Like That.

In the scene in question, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character tells Sarita Choudhury’s character that she “almost bought a house in the Hamptons six times but always found a reason not to.” Sarita’s character responded, “Was that reason always Bethenny Frankel?” A somewhat lighthearted jab. But Bethenny wasn’t going to take it lying down.

Bethenny claps back on Instagram

Bethenny responded to the namedrop on her Instagram. She posted a reel wherein she pours wine into a large teacup with on-screen text reading: “When you’re off TV for years … AND JUST LIKE THAT … catty housewives are still talking about you.” The reel also featured the scene in question above Bethenny’s head.

She captioned the post by writing “CURRENTLY sipping my new Forever Young rosè wine from my house in the Hamptons paid for by my last spirits venture. Cheers ladies.” Among her hashtags, she included #spillingthetea and #cheers.

Commenters were quick to put themselves on Bethenny’s side with many disparaging the latest Sex and the City installment. As one user wrote, “Your makeup and dollar store videos are more entertaining than the SATC Reboot [emoji] just sayin.” Other commenters voiced simple support, with many praising Bethenny as “the top housewife,” and another saying they’d get a place in the Hamptons to be near Bethenny.


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