Bethenny Frankel Updates on Fiance Paul, Daughter Bryn

If you’re wondering what The Real Housewives of New York City” data-entity-type=”node” data-entity-uuid=”c70bd812-674d-4516-b800-8aadfb79efde” href=”” title=”The Real Housewives of New York City”>The Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel is up to these days, well, we have some inside info from Bethenny herself. It turns out she’s been spending a lot of time with her family. And now she’s opening up about it and spilling all the beans on her life as Bryn’s mom and Paul Bernon’s fiancée.

Bethenny shares an update on her daughter, Bryn 

ICYMI, Bryn recently turned 13, and now we’re learning a bit more about Bethenny’s daughter and what she’s like today. Mirroring a sentiment she shared with The Daily Dish back in 2018 (check out the throwback clip above), Bethenny shared in an interview with Us Weekly, “We love rituals and creating memories with every holiday and season. From vegetable picking to surfing to wakeboarding and snowboarding, we do a lot together.”

The RHONY alum added that her daughter likes “science, arts, and sports” and plays lacrosse. She added, “Bryn is creative and free. I don’t want her to be like me. I like her not [worrying] about a goal set.”

As for her life as a mom, Bethenny noted, “We’re right ‘be-tween’ childhood and adulthood, where they think they know everything, but your job is to protect them from the world and themselves. I love parenting!”

In fact, in a recent Instagram post, she reflected on how much her life has changed since becoming a mom: “So …. while Turtle Time in my last chapter was a blast, this is my favorite Turtle Time. I’ve made significant changes in my business and personal life to improve my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and I’m really happy. I’m doing it all my way and I do have that balance, which is the true meaning of success. I am very grateful to this little girl, to myself for never settling and staying true to myself, and to you for coming with me on this adventure,” she wrote. “I learn more than you know from you every day, and it grows deeper with time.”

Bethenny shares an update on life with fiancé Paul Bernon

Bethenny’s life these days doesn’t just include being a mom. She’s also engaged to Paul Bernon and they all spend plenty of quality time together.

And she sometimes shares insights into their life together on Instagram (while wearing her dazzling engagement ring). “Happy Father’s Day Paul! As the dorky dad shirt I got you says… you’re a RAD DAD,” she recently shared about her fiancé. “You are funny, smart, sweet, loyal and you are LOVED!… have the best day ever! XO.”

Earlier this year, Bethenny revealed more about her relationship with Paul. “Paul and I are off season vacationers who are close to but never involved in the action. We hate crowds and plans but like people watching and being able to observe and dip in and out of anything seemingly social,” she revealed. “We walk on the beach at 8 a.m. to avoid human contact, leave the pool once the day club vibe starts, and get dinner at 7 p.m. because we hate the pressure of a reservation. Find someone with similar travel goals and style as you…”


Speaking of style, it turns out they are also fans of twinning with each other. So it seems Bethenny is taking her own advice.

Don’t forget to hear more from Bethenny in the video above.

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