bitchy | Prince George & his dad enjoyed a day of cricket-watching at Lord’s

Okay, so I just… have no idea about cricket. I can’t explain what’s happening in the sport, but I do know that a “century” is a good thing (?) and that the Ashes is a very big deal. Or is it called the Ashes Test? See, I’m not even sure. I just know that the Ashes is 140 years old, and it’s always Britain versus Australia. For cricket fans, the Ashes is a BFD. The Ashes has been happening for the past week, and on Saturday, the fourth day, Prince William brought his oldest son along to watch cricket.

Prince William and Prince George did some father-son bonding while attending a cricket match on Saturday. The two royals — who love to take in sporting events together — were photographed in a private box as they watched England take on Australia on the fourth day of the second Ashes Test at Lord’s in London.

Prince William, 41, wore a light blue button-down shirt with a blue blazer and black shades as he watched the on-field action alongside his eldest son. The little prince, 9, took after his father, wearing a similar outfit consisting of a checked shirt and a dark blue sports coat.

The two were caught often making similar faces during the game as Prince William appeared to point out and explain plays to his son. They were even captured sipping on their drinks in unison in one photo.

At the match, an ecstatic Prince George was also presented with a mini-replica of the Ashes urn by Richard Thompson, chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board. Photographers captured the moment on camera, including a proud Prince William smiling over at his son’s excited reaction.

During a break in the play, the pair stood up to get some refreshments. A seemingly hungry Prince George was captured on camera digging into a slice of pizza while he looked out over the venue as his father chatted with other guests including British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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I have no idea what George is really like, but I do feel like this “sports-mad” persona is kind of being forced on him. It’s clear that he likes football a lot, but I’m not sure he’s actually all that keen on tennis and cricket. Still, he was being a good kid and paying attention. He seemed more into the pizza than the cricket, but I’m sure he liked having a day out with his dad. If Kate had been there, she would have been in his face, pointing at random things and freeze-posing. Speaking of, William has been spending so much time away from Kate recently. He ran away from Ascot to go clubbing with his bros. He launched Homewards in multiple cities without Kate. He ran off to Norfolk (cough) solo to attend some county fair. And now he’s acting like a divorced dad who planned out a “fun outing” with one of his kids for the weekend.

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