bitchy | Queen Camilla had a very awkward moment with Brigitte Macron on D-Day

The D-Day anniversary events in Normandy were Queen Camilla’s first foreign trip in months, not counting her bird-hunting vacation in Spain in March. The last two times she traveled on state business were last year’s trips to Kenya and France, correct? And that was where we really saw that Camilla does not travel well. We especially saw that in Kenya, when Camilla seemed to be disassociating in real time as she was forced to interact with Black folks. Not to mention the crazy moment when Charles left her in the car like she was a rabid dog who bites strangers.

I bring up Camilla’s lack of grace, dignity and statesmanship because the trip to Normandy was a mixed bag for ol’ Cam. On the plus side, it appears that she was getting sloshed on good French wine with some 100-year-old WWII veterans. Any event where she gets to booze it up is a plus in her book. She also got to wear an utterly ridiculous hat, which is still astounding to me, that she chose this completely insane hat to a somber event. But the worst moment came when Camilla and Madame Brigitte Macron were tasked with placing bouquets of flowers at the British Normandy Memorial. That’s when Madame Macron tried to reach for Camilla’s hand and Camilla acted like the French First Lady had cooties. Then Camilla didn’t even stand there for a respectful amount of time.

The vibe when she motions Madame Macron to walk with her is interesting. Almost as if she muttered, “Get on with it, Brig, show us where you keep the good wine.” The British media is currently trying to make it sound like Madame Macron “broke royal protocol.” You know what else broke royal protocol? The guillotine. Seriously, having seen Brigitte Macron’s warmth with the WWII veterans, I would be willing to bet that she reached out to Camilla as a simple, human gesture. Camilla’s quick exit is also irksome. Also: People Mag points out that King Charles greeted President Macron with a hug, and he kissed Brigitte’s hand in greeting.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Avalon Red.

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