Brandi Glanville’s Worst Behavior Since Threatening Andy Cohen

Of all the years I have had the privilege of watching Brandi Glanville on my small screen, she never struck me as a woman who was able to keep calm and carry on. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star literally made it her mission to bring the drama. And yes, sometimes it was entertaining, but other times, she came off callous and mean. In the end, Brandi became too much of a liability since the network never knew what they were going to get with the blonde. 

As Bravo tried their best to distance themselves from her, Brandi was like a cat with nine lives. Every time something in the Bravosphere kicks off; Brandi is waiting in the wings to swoop in with an opinion. Sometimes, it is hard to keep track of her input, but recently, she has decided to be extremely outspoken after threatening to sue the network. 

In February 2024, Brandi threatened to file a lawsuit against Bravo and Andy Cohen. At the time, Brandi’s lawyers sent a letter to NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., and Shed Media, the producer of “Ultimate Girls Trip,” accusing Andy of sexual harassment. Brandi claimed that in 2022, Andy had sent a video to her bragging about “his intention to sleep with another Bravo star that night.” The letter via NBC alleged that Andy also appeared intoxicated and invited her to watch via FaceTime.

In response to the allegations, Andy posted a statement on X. The executive producer stated, “The video shows Kate Chastain and I very clearly joking to Brandi. It was absolutely meant in jest, and Brandi’s response clearly communicated she was in on the joke. That said, it was totally inappropriate, and I apologize.” But since then Brandi has been acting more volatile. 

Brandi Glanville supports KenyaMoore

It is clear that Brandi finds it extremely hard to keep her inner monologue to herself. Shortly after Kenya Moore was fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the former diamond holder had a few choice words. In June, Brandi took to X to blast the network, implying that the producers were the engineers of the shows. 

In a scathing post, Brandi wrote, “Women are physically fighting on RHNJ & that seems to be ok with producers. Where is HR now? Also, Im pretty sure producers pushed Kenya to show that video. They know what is going to happen before it does- Just like they all knew of Taylors physical abuse as it was happening.” Brandi went one step further and accused Bravo of actually enabling the villains of each show. 

It was clear the tweet was meant to reveal a lot to fans who probably just tuned in for the drama. According to Brandi, the onset environment is toxic, and producers neglect the real issues. 

Brandi’s mention of Taylor Armstrong

In the same breath, Brandi hinted that production knew Taylor Armstrong was being abused by her late husband, Russell Armstrong. Brandi should know that is a very strong allegation to make against the network and could be devastating if true. Brandi and Taylor appeared on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills together for two seasons until Taylor decided to leave the show. For years, Taylor has claimed she hid her abuse from the network and her costars. Taylor has yet to comment on Brandi’s tweet.

In another post to X, Brandi noted Bravo producers: “Create the villain, enable the villain, praise the villain, then punish the villain for being … a villain.” However, not everyone was buying Brandi’s pioneer spirit, and some fans were calling her out. One noted the former star was acting like a hypocrite because she once slapped Lisa Vanderpump. However, Brandi saw the conflict differently, replying, “Not the same. I was not trying to hurt her.” No matter where your alliance sits, most fans can agree it is hard to know who is telling the truth. But I do hope a conclusive answer is soon brought forward regarding what is going on behind the scenes. 


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