Buying London: The UK version of Selling Sunset is finally happening

After the runaway success of Selling Sunset, as well as its spinoff Selling The OC, Netflix‘s Buying London is here to give us the UK equivalent. And the series looks to be filled with drama.

The Selling Sunset series made reality TV stars of its regular cast, including lead agent Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn and Mary Fitzgerald. Will the same happen on the other side of the pond? We’re excited to see behind the curtain of London’s luxury property world.

Here’s everything we know so far about Buying London.

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What is Buying London about?

Netflix’s synopsis for the show reads as follows: “Property mogul Daniel Daggers and his ambitious team of agents at DDRE Global take on and challenge London’s luxury property market in this brand-new Netflix series, Buying London.

“The talented team set out to conquer the super prime high-end real estate market from the prestigious streets of Mayfair to the exclusive enclaves of Holland Park as we follow the group as they navigate the intricacies of their personal lives as well as striving to make their mark in the glamorous world of Luxury real estate.”

Buying London cast

We will meet “the boss” of the agency Daniel, the go-to luxury agent in London and a self-described “Mr Super Prime”, as well as the agents: “posho” smooth talker Oli, rookie Reme, Lauren – who has a long-term friendship with the boss Daniel, and may be using it to get ahead – Londoner Rosi and hustler Rasa.

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Buying London release date

It will drop on Netflix on 22 May.

Buying London trailer

There is MUCH to unpack from the trailer – first of all, the stakes are high, with London being referred to as “the luxury property capital of the world”. But, the second takeaway has to be the HIGH levels of in-fighting at the DDRE agency. Everyone is competitive, and seems to be willing to go to any lengths to make a sale, which should make for some interesting plot twists.

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