Cameran Eubanks Shares Conditions for ‘Southern Charm’ Return

Cameran Eubanks


Cameran Eubanks

On June 25, Cameran Eubanks shared the conditions under which she’d return to “Southern Charm” and unfortunately for her fans, it seems as though the OG star of the franchise won’t be back.

Eubanks made the comments during an Instagram Q&A in which she told her followers she had 10 minutes to answer 10 questions. One of those questions was, “Would you ever come back to ‘Southern Charm’?” Eubanks replied, “If they gave me executive producer rights and 10 million per episode.”

Eubanks was one of the original stars and the beloved narrator of the first six seasons of “Southern Charm.”

In February 2021, the “Real World” alum gave more context to her decision to step back from the show and told Us Weekly, “To be honest, I feel like I don’t fit anymore in the mix. It started to feel a little forced for me and just inauthentic. I don’t want to be on reality TV and feel like I have to act or feel like I have to be a certain way to fit in. I do keep my family private and just started to feel a little hypocritical for me to stay on.”

She said her fellow “Southern Charm” OG Craig Conover had just texted her and asked what it would take for her to return to the Bravo show and at the time, she replied, “I don’t know. I think that chapter is closed.”

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Cameran Eubanks Revealed That She’s Still Working in Real Estate

During her Instagram Q&A, Eubanks also confirmed that she’s still selling real estate, a career that she was already embarked on during the show. The reality TV alum is listed as an agent with the Carolina One Real Estate agency.

Eubanks is also a published author, as she released a book of essays in 2021 titled, “One Day You’ll Thank Me: Essays on Dating, Motherhood, and Everything In Between.”

After the release of that book, Eubanks shared with Charleston Magazine that if her book does well, she’d like to write a children’s book afterward. “As a mom, I think reading is so important. I’m always looking for children’s books that instill values and morals,” she shared.

Cameran Eubanks Explained Why She Doesn’t Want to Have Any Other Children

Eubanks is a mother of one, a 5-year-old daughter named Palmer that she shares with her husband Jason Wimberly. During her time on “Southern Charm,” viewers saw Eubanks struggle with the decision to become a mother and followed her journey as she got pregnant and eventually welcomed Palmer.

During her Instagram Q&A, Eubanks was asked whether she often received questions about being the mother of an only child and she said she gets asked that “a lot.” Eubanks explained, “I try to think I’m self aware enough to know my limits. I get overwhelmed very easily and find multitasking very hard.”

“I’m not sure I could be a great mom to more than one,” she continued. “I’d rather be a great mom to 1 than a so-so mom to more if that makes sense? I honestly feel zero pressure. I think an only child is wonderful.” Eubanks previously revealed in an interview with People that she was sometimes told she should give her daughter a sibling and it was “selfish” of her not to.

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