Cam’ron Blames Adidas For Issues With Anthony Edwards

Cam'Ron and Anthony Edwards

Cam’Ron & Anthony Edwards – Source: Morgan Engel /Thaddaeus McAdams/ Getty

After being featured in Anthony Edwards’ new Adidas commercial, Cam’ron responds by placing the blame on the sneaker brand.

Soon after Anthony Edwards and The Minnesota Timberwolves were eliminated in the NBA playoffs, Adidas dropped off a perfectly timed ad where Edwards, who has a signature shoe with the brand, responded to his detractors including Cam’ron,

“F*ck, buddy,” said the baller in the ad.

According to USA Today, Cam’ron didn’t take the disrespect lying down and opened his new episode of his It Is What It Is podcast with a freestyle response.

While Cam’ron responded to Anthony Edwards, he mostly aimed his shade at Adidas alleging that they would eventually fumble having the NBA player.

“But f**k wrong with Ant-Man, gave him his props, homie got love from me, new commercial, y’all ain’t got love for me” he rapped. “Adidas I’m blaming you, This is your fault. Y’all think you got the b-ball version of Kanye. Come on stop it dude, y’all just stopping through. He do something you don’t like you’ll drop him too.”


“I ain’t mean no disrespect this morning, but to be totally honest, I thought the commercial was dope. I don’t f**k with the sneakers, but it was dope… I don’t even remember saying [he wasn’t a superstar]… it must’ve been last season because all season I been having Anthony Edwards back. I don’t know where this came from.” Cam said.

To make matters worse, Cam referenced the history of athletes getting injured in Adidas kicks. It sounds like Adidas officially has a new enemy who won’t let this go anytime soon. Hopefully, for the sake of the culture Anthony Edwards and Cam’ron can get together and patch things up.

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