Cardi B Shared Her Alternate Met Gala Look, Which Included 18 Prosthetics – See Photos

In another timeline, Cardi B’s Met Gala 2024 look was not her larger-than-life Windowsen gown and matching tulle turban, but a more literal take on the Garden of Time dress code.

Cardi B

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On May 9 the rapper’s longtime makeup artist Erika La’ Pearl shared an alternate vision for Cardi’s Met Gala look that was ultimately scrapped. The Sleeping Beauty–inspired concept included 18 prosthetic pieces and a stunning silver wig that “aged” the artist several decades beyond her current 31 years.

“This was first idea we tested for met gala with facial and body prosthetics 😍,” Erika said, tagging prosthetics artist Alexis Stone and hairstylist Tokyo Stylez, who provided the wig.

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On his own Instagram, Alexis explained, “A week ago I was asked to make the impossible happen. A full old age transformation on Cardi ahead of the Met. I called @francescof1985 @rebzfx @overture_fx and we made it a reality. We had her scanned in last weekend, it was then cleaned and printed, @francescof1985 then worked day and night to produce an 18 piece prosthetic transformation from face, neck, arms to hands before I flew directly to New York Saturday and we tested the look.”

It’s unclear if there was a reason Cardi and her team decided not to move forward with the original vision other than a simple change of heart. “Creative directions change, it happens,” Stone added in his caption, “but [here’s] a really cool BTS look at what could have been the Sleeping Beauty look.”

Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

This article originally appeared in GLAMOUR US.

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