Carl Radke Was Really Sweet Following Scandoval

Tom Sandoval.


Tom Sandoval.

Tom Sandoval revealed that he received encouragement from a fellow Bravo star following his headline-making cheating scandal with Raquel Leviss last year.

The  “Vanderpump Rules” star made the reveal during a May 7, 2024 appearance  on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”

At one point, Cohen asked him, “Tom, I’m wondering if anyone in the Bravosphere reached out to you in the midst of all this stuff that we would be surprised to know that that was sympathetic to you or sent you a virtual hug?”

Sandoval replied, “More recently at BravoCon, Carl [Radke] said, you know, ‘hang in there’ and, yes, whatever. He was really sweet.”

Sandoval admitted that he couldn’t really think of anyone else besides Lisa Vanderpump. “I don’t think she was really defending me,” he added of his former SUR boss. “I think she was just, you know, trying to just calm everybody down, you know. Because people started, I feel like people kind of thought that I was like some sort of , you know, comic book villain or something. I think she was just more just like, ‘No this is a this is a person, this a human being, you know he’s not just a villain on a show.’”

Fans Reacted to Carl Radke Supporting Sandoval

Carl RadkeCarl Radke

BravoCarl Radke of “Summer House.”

Fans had quite the reaction to Sandoval’s mention that ‘Summer House” star  Carl Radke offered him a kind word.

“Carl supportive of Sandoval, well color me not surprised,” one commenter wrote in the comment section of a YouTube video of the WWHL clip.

“Thankfully I was never team Carl and now I know why!” another wrote.

A third commenter posted a trio of red flag emoji.

“I’m so over this redemption arc, it’s not working. Nobody cares if Carl supports you or not,” another wrote to Sandoval.

“Guess Carl followed him on IG again,” added another.

The comments about Radke come amid his own “scandal.”  In August 2023, the “Summer House” star ended his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard on camera less than three months before their wedding was set to take place in Mexico. Fans have criticized the former Loverboy VP of Sales for how he handled the split, with some accusing him of premeditating the on-camera breakup for a storyline.

Carl Radke Distanced Himself From Tom Sandoval After His Cheating Scandal

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl RadkeLindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke

GettyLindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke

When news of Sandoval’s cheating scandal first broke, Radke was firmly on the side of his ex, Ariana Madix. “I actually unfollowed him,” Radke told Us Weekly when asked about Sandoval in May 2023. “I don’t condone cheating, I don’t love the lying and the way that he responded to some of it.”

Radke added that he had no hard feelings against Sandoval. “I wish him all the best in his journey in life, but we’re Team Ariana over here,” he explained. “I could certainly relate to difficult things being so public, but this is on a totally different level.”

Once his own breakup scandal occurred, Radke told Rolling Stone it was nothing like Scandoval. “We were engaged. We were getting married, we had a date set,” Radke said of his situation. “They were not engaged. I didn’t cheat on Lindsay. I did not have an affair.”

He continued, “I feel like our relationship was just in a different space than Sandoval’s was. But at the same time, because it’s Bravo, I do think there’s a huge appetite for another scandal.”

“I hope people also realize on the other side of the scandal are human beings, people who are going through something in real time, and that’s very, very emotionally difficult,” the “Summer House” star added.

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