Caroline Brooks Leaks Texts With RHODubai Cast Amid Drama

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Credit: Instagram

Bravo fans are still reeling about the Real Housewives of Dubai mid-season trailer. However, there’s also still plenty of drama coming out regarding the most recent episode. In particular, Taleen Marie accused Caroline Brooks of not being there for her after her sister’s dog passed away. Now, Caroline is responding with proof that this is not the case. 

As fans recall, Taleen Marie said on the most recent episode that only Caroline Stanbury, Chanel Ayan, and Lesa Milan reached out to offer sympathy. This came after she let the ladies know of the dog, Coco, passing via their group chat. 

Luckily, OMFGRealityTV on Instagram was able to screenshot how everything went down on social media. First, Caroline took to X to post, “Your sister’s dog passed away on the 27th, Taleen. And on the 28th, when I found out, I messaged her! STOP LYING SO DAMN MUCH! OMG, it’s too much now. #RHODubai

As you can see from the post below, Caroline included screenshots of Taleen telling the ladies of Coco passing away as well as text messages to her sister. 

However, it doesn’t stop there. Caroline decided to comment on the above post to air out some of her grievances with Taleen. Not only does she call Taleen a liar, but she also said she helped get her on the show, and now she’s chasing clout. 

According to Caroline, “The way this girl lies is insane. Like you gathered your whole family for y’all to sit around a table, gaslight me, and LIE. With a straight face. JUST LIE likes it’s regular. Then the sister having the nerve to say I’m unhinged. If my mom didn’t raise me well, I would stoop to their level, and I have a few choice words for her sister, but I’ll keep them to myself and move on. “

She continued, “My mother would never sit around with my friends and talk badly about one of my friends or even former friends. Never ever! They are all messy and ungrateful. We all sat around that same living room when I was helping and planning with them to get Taleen on our show. I’ve never experienced this level of backstabbing and 2 faced lying all in the name of social climbing and fame. It’s disgusting.”

It’s also notable that most people in the comments were on Caroline’s side. Some felt that Taleen used her to get on the show, and others wondered why she expected the ladies to offer sympathy to her over the dog passing and not her sister. 

Fans can catch up with RHODubai on Peacock. 

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