Caroline Brooks Throws Lavish Party For Son Adam on RHODubai

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The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai proved that everything really is bigger in Dubai. Even for the kids. In Season 2, Episode 6, Caroline Brooks throws a birthday party for her son that had us wishing we could have gotten an invite. It felt like the equivalent Chanel Ayan’s RHODubai” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Queens Dinner from Episode 4, but for kids. In the best way possible.

Adam was turning 11, and Brooks made sure he did so in style. Hosted at a beach club on a beautiful 80-degree Dubai day, the birthday boy was greeted with enormous bunches of balloons bearing his name and oh so many activities. Or, as Brooks herself observed: “This is a lot.” But the guest of honor thought his mom “understood the assignment.”

As Lindsey, the “Pirate Surf” coach explained, he and his friends would be able to go surfing, have a water gun fight, compete in archery, play football, throw a frisbee, and more. Surprised? The ‘Wives weren’t. After all, that’s just what’s expected in the City of Gold.

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“Money’s not really an object when it comes to birthday parties in Dubai,” Lesa Milan explained in her confessional, adding “People go all out for their kids.”

In her confessional, Sara Al Madani agreed. “Once, I went to a two-year-old’s birthday,” Sara said, “And the parents gifted the two-year-old a Rolls Royce.” Wait, like a little one for kids? Apparently not. As she deadpanned, “What the hell is this two-year-old going to do with this car?”

Fortunately, Adam’s day was totally age-appropriate.  For the kids and their parents, it was quite literally a day at the beach. If the beach were a bougie “bather’s club” and an alternative to the “sheikh’s palaces,” where Lesa says she’s also attended parties thrown for children.

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