Cheyenne Floyd Talks Marijuana Use, Years Hiding It from MTV

Last year, ahead of Cheyenne Floyd marrying Zach Davis, she indirectly revealed to fans that she smokes marijuana.

Cannabis use is legal where she lives. It is also extremely common throughout America.

So Cheyenne received a bit of shock by how some Teen Mom viewers condemned her — as a person and as a mother — for smoking weed.

Now, she’s discussing that and more. What’s it like being a Teen Mom star who’s not shy about marijuana?

In 2022, Cheyenne Floyd held her bridal shower. Some of the decor drew attention and even, bizarrely, criticism. (Instagram)

Earlier in June, Cheyenne Floyd was a guest on the Pot Smoking Moms podcast.

“I’ve kept the fact that I like cannabis away from the show really well,” Cheyenne acknowledged.

“I’ve been doing MTV/Viacom shows for the past nine — this year will be 10 years that I’ve been on reality TV,” she noted.

Cheyenne Floyd’s 2022 bridal shower included a rolling table. Some very weird people got very worked up about a Teen Mom star (gasp) using cannabis. (Instagram)

“And,” Cheyenne continued. “I’ve always kept [my reality TV life and my cannabis use] separated, for obvious reasons…“

She affirmed: “This last year I really came into myself as a mom, as a wife, as a woman, and at this point I was like, ‘F–k it. What [is MTV] gonna do?’ Nobody can say s**t.’”

Cheyenne then appraised: “My kids are beautiful, they’re healthy, they’re smart. No one can say that I’m a bad mom. I feel like I’ve established that I’m a good mom.”

Cheyenne Floyd is at Home
Cheyenne Floyd is at home here with daughter Ryder. Looks like a nice set up there. (Instagram)

That doesn’t mean that she was as secretive in “real” life, of course. It’s something that she didn’t advertise on camera. Just as a reality star still uses the bathroom, but seldom advertises it.

“When I did the cannabis table for the bridal shower, MTV was filming that day,” she recalled. “And I want to say I did not tell them.”

Cheyenne added: I’m pretty sure I didn’t give them the heads-up that it was going to be there. And I feel like they shot away from it…they avoided it. Except for the one clip that got snuck in there!”

Cheyenne Pic
Cheyenne doesn’t look too happy here, does she? The Teen Mom OG star is often stressed. (MTV)

“I did a post [on social media] about just showing that [joint-rolling] table and I got a lot of positive feedback from other moms that indulge,” Cheyenne described.

“And I got a lot of negative feedback, too,” she noted. “And I wasn’t ready for it…that was my first time even opening that door [to that part of my life].

Cheyenne remarked: “I wanted to almost put up another post and be like, ‘Wait? You guys don’t smoke?’”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Cheyenne Floyd and fiance Zach Davis spoke on the premiere about when a shooter, known to them, fired thirteen shots into their vehicle. (MTV)

Obviously, one doesn’t need to personally use marijuana to find it an extremely normal thing for people to do. Trolls don’t care.

Similarly, mom-shaming-trolls don’t care that she holds off on edibles and weed until her kids are in bed or out of the house.

“We have our kids in bed about 7:15, so once they’re down, we’re like, ‘It’s time to party!’” Cheyenne described.

Zach Davis With Cheyenne
Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis stand together in front of this beautiful blue sky on a sunny day. (Instagram)

“Zach smokes a lot in our shower because I think the steam and everything…it’s fun,” she added.

Cheyenne added: “I think sometimes when I have real long stressful days it really just helps me calm down.”

She added: “I used to be able to smoke and function and get things done, but I think after I had Ace, it just doesn’t work for me.”

Cheyenne Floyd in a Cap
Cheyenne Floyd stares at a friend here and has a discussion on an episode of Teen Mom OG. (MTV)

“I’m like a nighttime closet smoker. That’s what my friends call me. Or, if I don’t have the kids, then I’ll smoke all day,” Cheyenne detailed.

“Zach [consumes] way more than me,” she acknowledged. “I feel like he’s really good at doing it and living his whole entire life and you would never know.”

Cheyenne admitted: “Except sometimes when we take pictures and his eyes are basically shut and then everyone’s pointing it out in the comments!”

Hooray for Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis! These two love birds got married in September 2022. (Instagram)

“Sometimes before we film, he has to smoke before we film, and I’m like, ‘Your eyes aren’t open!’” Cheyenne shared.

She went on: “And he’s like, ‘They are. You want me to film this scene with you or not?’” Filming reality TV can be nerve-wracking.

“I’m not particularly good at it,” Cheyenne then admitted. “If you ask my husband, he’d say I was a terrible high person.” 

Cheyenne In the House
Cheyenne Floyd seemed to be in better spirits than anyone during filming. We suppose it’s with good reason — she’s done the impossible and managed to win over both cast and co-stars. (MTV)

She also spoke about positive experiences with psilocybin mushrooms. She is “all for” micro-dosing these.

“I don’t knock anything unless you’re harming yourself or family or something,” Cheyenne expressed. “I think everybody should try to micro-dose every now and then.”

She added: “We should be able to try different things without judgement, without mom-shaming, which I feel like is such a huge thing right now.” Wise words!

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