Crystal Minkoff’s Best Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Moments

Crystal Kung Minkoff has revealed she would be giving up her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills diamond, making quite RHOBH/”>the exit after being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for three seasons. Viewers either loved her, or demanded she get messy with the drama. Personally, I liked Crystal’s energy and what she brought to the table. She didn’t always have to be the center of attention. She listened to what went on around her and interjected when she felt necessary. 

Crystal was also the first Asian American to be a part of the Beverly Hills franchise. She has always been honest and real which resonated with many viewers. Crystal also had some pretty iconic scenes, including throwing a Great Gatsby-themed party for her 39th birthday. She was a housewife who was always able to share her perspective, which was refreshing after so many fights caused by the other women.

Here, we take a look back at Crystal’s three seasons and her best moments on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Crystal makes a stand

For multiple seasons, Crystal was seen RHOBH-fans-think-crystal-kung-minkoff-scream-scene-was-cut-edited-out/”>as a wallflower. The mother of two was often polite and shrunk in the shadows whenever an altercation occurred. But something took over Crystal and showed her in a new light. One of her defining moments was when she had the courage to stand up to Erika Jayne. It happened during Season 12 when Crystal called out the Pretty Mess singer while out to dinner with the ladies. 

While in Aspen, Crystal shared, “I feel like you spoke down to me. I literally say the same thing as Garcelle [Beauvais], and I’m the assh*le.” Erika tried to snap back, noting it was the law they were talking about, not personal feelings. But Crystal stood her ground, making sure to get her point across. While Erika riled herself up, Crystal kept herself cool, calm, and collected, proving she could hang with the big names. 

Crystal calls out Annemarie

Annemarie Wiley couldn’t catch a break with the ladies of the 90210 in RHOBH“>RHOBH Season 13. Crystal seemed to come for Annemarie the most, especially when the Nurse Anesthesiologist tried to lie about claiming Sutton Stracke had an eating disorder. During the reunion, Crystal, who was dressed in emerald green, didn’t hold back as she argued about semantics.

Crystal’s voice mocked Annemarie, telling her, “You’ve proven to be a liar.” Crystal felt that Annemarie intentionally misrepresented herself as a doctor because viewers “just didn’t know the difference.” The Real Coco owner wouldn’t let her castmate get a word in edge-wise and felt vindicated for finally being able to say her peace. 

Crystal feels her privacy is abused by Sutton

Admittedly, Sutton walking into her bedroom wasn’t the best moment for Crystal personally; it was a great TV moment for us viewers. Sutton was trying to return a jacket and knocked ever so lightly. But a naked Crystal didn’t permit her to enter her boudoir. Crystal shared she dropped to the ground to cover herself, noting her “boundaries were crossed” and her “space was violated.” According to Crystal, it was “creepy and weird,” and thus began the debate about the word “violated.” 

Crystal doubled down when the woman tried to make her change her word use, noting, “I would say the word again.” That’s when we knew Crystal wasn’t here to play. She was a woman willing to stand on her word, whether or not the rest of the group understood where she was coming from.

Crystal’s “ugly leather pants”

Crystal was pretty good at taking the insults on the chin, especially from Sutton. But who knew a wardrobe choice could cause so much emotion? The Georgia peach had been acting annoyed all day, and finally, Crystal called her out while at Lisa Rinna’s home, stating, “You’re upset because you’re jealous. Period.” As Sutton made her grand exit, yelling, “F*ck you, Crystal,” she twirled around for one final insult.

Sutton dramatically asked at the top of the stairs, “Jealous of what? You ugly leather pants?” Evidently, it’s a no-no to talk about someone’s pants, even if they are ugly. But like a true queen, Crystal stood there unfazed and smiling. This is how I am going to remember her as a housewife.

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