Daia’s Odell Beckham Jr Comments From Love Island USA Revealed

Trouble in the villa? After some tug-of-war between Daia and Serena for Kordell, Love Island USA fans investigated if Daia commented on Miami Dolphins wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.‘s Instagram. His brother Kordell is one of the main love stories in the reality dating show and someone’s true intentions might have been shown.

During a challenge, Leah Kateb read out a view comment that was directed towards Daia and Ordell. “I can’t stand Daia. Especially after seeing those tweets about how she was all in Odell Beckham Jr.‘s comments,” the tweet read. “She came to the villa with a plan and Kordell’s dumbass fell for it. Throwing away all the morals he ‘claimed’ he was gonna have before entering casa.”

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“Are you f—king serious? I’ve never done that in my f—king life,” Daia exclaimed before tearing up. “I was never. I swear to God. I’ll literally cry. That’s so f—ked up. That’s a f—king lie. That’s actually f—king trash.”

Fans went to snoop online for the comment. One TikTok user posted an alleged Instagram comment that Daia left on the football player’s page of two heart eyes emojis. Many fans believed this to be true even though it might have been deleted from the page. Others believed that it was photoshopped, with one TikTok user writing, “is it just me or does it look kinda edited like look at the heart.”

The moment might seem like a wedge between the two, but they’re trying to hash it out. “I was really upset about the comment I got. The only way that I even heard about who your brother is, is because my ex went to dinner with him. He was like ‘Oh I went to dinner OBJ,’” she explained in the aftermath. “There’s a photo of them with ten people. That’s the only photo that I would have commented on with your brother.”

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