Did Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin Set Danielle Cabral Up?

Real Housewives of New Jersey does have a few storylines besides the feud between Teresa Giudice, her brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga. We all know how much the Jersey ladies love gossip, especially about infidelity. During Season 13, Teresa’s bestie, Jennifer Aydin, shared some shocking news about Melissa with newbie Danielle Cabral. But it turns out the only person who was shocked was Danielle.

When Danielle told Melissa the rumor, she found out that Melissa and her husband already knew. Finally, Danielle suspected that she had been set up by her two new friends. So, she has some valid concerns this season about trusting Teresa and Jennifer. Let’s take a dive into the dirty gossip pool and see how this dumpster fire started.

Laura Marasca Jensen started the fire

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Laura Marasca Jensen was Margaret Josephs’ former friend. She dropped a bomb on Jennifer and Teresa before the Season 12 RHONJ reunion. She alleged that Margaret told her that Melissa was caught kissing another man in the backseat of a car. Allegedly, it was actor Nick Barrotta. Of course, Laura claimed that she never said that this event actually happened.

Jennifer claimed that she only wanted to expose Margaret as the source of the gossip. Of course, Margaret denied Laura’s accusations.

Jennifer gives Danielle the scoop

Once Danielle knew that Jennifer was withholding the details of a secret about Melissa, she pressed to find out the truth. Not because she wanted to spread the rumor. Danielle liked Melissa and just wanted to know what was going on.

Finally, Jennifer told Danielle that someone saw Melissa kissing another man in the backseat of a car. But once that genie was out of the bottle, Danielle wished she could cram it back inside. This information she didn’t want to know.

Danielle feels guilty

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During the Season 13 RHONJ finale, Dolores Catania and her man, Paul Connell, hosted a Prohibition party. After Danielle revealed that she planned to speak with Melissa about the rumor, Jennifer begged her not to.

Still, Danielle felt guilty holding this secret and felt that Melissa should know. So, Danielle took Melissa aside and told her the rumor. But she pinned the origins of the story on Margaret and Laura.

However, the joke was on Danielle, because Teresa and her fiancé, Luis Ruelas, told Joe the rumor about his wife six months prior. Melissa saw red and blamed it all on Teresa. This blow-up led to Joe and Melissa skipping Teresa and Luis’ wedding days later.

Danielle confronts Jennifer and Teresa at the Season 13 RHONJ reunion

The Season 13 reunion was one for the ages. Teresa cut off ties with Joe and Melissa. Luis was accused of investigating his RHONJ co-stars with the help of famed private investigator Bo Dietl. And Danielle asked Jennifer and Teresa if they set her up.

“Listen, I’m sorry if it came across that way,” Jennifer replied. “I did not realize that … that’s how that would go down.” Meanwhile, Teresa just shook her head. Next, Margaret chimed in, saying that Jennifer knew exactly what she was doing. Teresa and Jennifer wanted the story brought up on camera, and Danielle was the messenger.

“I could have not said it. It was still put in my lap, so it was up to me to do what I felt like I needed to do with it,” Danielle told host Andy Cohen. “I don’t feel set up.”

But wait! In her dressing room, Danielle had a hot mic moment. She whispered to her husband, Nate Cabral, “They set me up!”

Boujie Brunch breakdown

Danielle’s concerns about her relationships with Teresa and Jennifer carried over into Season 14. At her fabulous Boujie Brunch, Danielle confronted the twosome about how they failed to stand up for her.

“I was told that there was somebody that you brought to the party that talked sh*t about me. And who you guys allowed to talk sh*t about me,” Danielle said. A few days earlier, a hairdresser told the Garden State ladies about some questionable behavior on Danielle’s part.

Teresa bristled and told Danielle not to expect her to defend her when she didn’t know what happened. In her confessional, a displeased Danielle stated, “The issue is that two of my friends are allowing someone else to come in and talk sh*t about me. I would have hoped they would say, ‘That’s not Danielle at all. There might be a misunderstanding’. Like I have done for them – millions of times.”

You best believe that Danielle mentioned not being told things was similar to the Melissa situation. Plus, Melissa was at the brunch, so this was awkward AF.

“I didn’t know that I can tell you that Melissa knew without telling you how she knew, which was Luis talking to Joe,” Jennifer said. “I’m completely transparent, but I’m also very loyal. And that was her story to tell,” she added, gesturing towards Teresa.

“I want the two of you to answer this honestly. Did you set me up?” Danielle asked.

Jennifer said, “No.” Teresa shut down the inquiry. “I don’t know who is in your ear Danielle because she told you like how many times now,” Teresa said. And being the loyal friend that she is, Teresa pushed Jennifer under the bus by saying that Jennifer gave Danielle the information.

Well, it certainly looks like Danielle was set up by Teresa and Jennifer. Even though she doesn’t want to believe it.

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