Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Belle finally fights back

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Belle is pushed too far and fights back against Tom. But he manages to turn the tables again – will anyone realise what’s going on?

Also, Ethan is attacked and Ella is hiding a big secret.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Tom turns the tables

Tom talks seriously to Liam at the doctors in Emmerdale

After Tom agrees to get help for his behaviour, he heads for an appointment with Dr Liam. But once there he manipulates the situation and says Belle has issues and is exerting control over him.

2. Belle lashes out

Tom and Belle argue in Emmerdale

Tom engineers it so Belle has to wait in for a parcel and miss a memorial picnic on the anniversary of Lisa’s death. But she doesn’t listen to him and goes out anyway, making him furious.

Angry Belle pushes Tom over in Emmerdale

Belle’s the one who gets angry, however, when he tells her she has ruined the day and makes harsh comments about her mum. She finally snaps and pushes Tom over.

Tom in Emmerdale lies on the floor as Belle screams at him while Vanessa and Rhona rush over

Vanessa and Rhona watch on in disbelief and soon run over. They find an angry Belle screaming at Tom on the floor.

Tom King lies on the ground looking frightened

As he cowers down, has her public reaction played perfectly into the lies he’s spinning? Will everyone believe she’s the one with anger issues?

3. Ethan attacked in Emmerdale spoilers

Caleb and Ruby in Emmerdale look tired and angry as they see Ethan

With the doctors unable to bring Nicky out of his coma yet, Ruby is beside herself. When she and Caleb bump into Ethan and Charles in the village, things are tense.

Charles pulls Ethan away as he glares at Cain in Emmerdale

Then Cain gets involved and it’s clear all three of them have murder in mind. Charles tries to defuse the situation.

Ethan in Emmerdale lies in the road after being hit by a car

When Ethan doesn’t show up to the village fete Charles is worried. And he’s right to be because Ethan has been attacked in a deliberate hit and run. Who did it?

4. Ella exposed

Ella and Liam in Emmerdale have a tense conversation in the cafe

Liam suggests to Ella they stay at her place instead of his. She panics and manages to deflect his offer. It’s soon revealed she’s sleeping in her car. Liam offers her the spare room at his place temporarily.

5. What is Ella really hiding?

Ella looks surprised in Emmerdale

As she moves her stuff in, Ella is taken off guard by Mandy’s questions about her family. Then Ella spots an old photograph in Mandy’s hands and snatches it back, leaving Mandy confused.

Mandy Dingle looks confused

Concerned Mandy suggests to Liam he makes sure there are no skeletons in Ella’s closet before he moves her in. Ella is then uncomfortable with his intrusive questions.

Ella smiles weakly as she visits a care home in Emmerdale

Later, Ella is seen visiting a care home. But who does she know there? And why is she keeping it so secret?

More Emmerdale spoilers

6. Charity and Mack caught out!

Charity and Mack smile lovingly at each other after having sex in a barn in Emmerdale

Mack and Charity are desperate to get their intimacy back. After they finally open up to each other, they manage to find time to get intimate – in a barn!

However, Minty the lamb has gone missing and the whole village, plus a newspaper photographer is looking for him. Charity and Mack are soon caught out by everyone!

7. Isaac sparks concerns

Cain Dingle talks to Isaac in the barn while he holds Minty the lamb

Cain and Moira start to worry about how attached Isaac is to Minty the lamb. Is he set to be heartbroken?

8. Billy and Dawn at odds

Emmerdale: Billy and Dawn look tense in hospital

Billy is exhausted and stressed as he juggles his work load and the children, plus Evan’s illness.

Emmerdale: Billy and Dawn look tense in hospital

Meanwhile, Dawn is blaming herself. She thinks her past mistakes are to blame for Evan’s condition.

Billy sobs on the floor of the hospital corridor in Emmerdale

Billy is totally overwhelmed and breaks down. He’s doing his best, but he’s terrified it’s just not enough for his wife.

9. Marlon and Rhona have counselling

Marlon and Rhona look strained at marriage counselling in Emmerdale

Marlon and Rhona attend their first marriage counselling session. But it doesn’t go well. Can they ever find a way back to each other?

10. Emmerdale spoilers: Chas returns

Caleb in Emmerdale is pleased to see Chas back in the Woolpack

Caleb is thrilled when he finds Chas is back from Scotland.

11. The village fete kicks off

A Cain Dingle scarecrow

The village fete is underway – and it’s classic Emmerdale! There’s even a Cain Dingle scarecrow!

Bob and Nicola are in deep conversation in Emmerdale

Bob and Nicola are at the helm and determined to make it a success. But can they pull it off?

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