Exuberant Gardens and Wine Country Living

Once a raw, open field, the property surrounding this new home in Northern California wine country is now an exuberant landscape full of edible gardens, with views to vineyards and the hills of Sonoma. Landscape architects Danielle Davila and Brett McPherson artfully approached the blank canvas with the goal of connecting the architecture of the house to the immediate landscape and its agricultural surroundings.

“This homeowner was really fun. She liked an eclectic approach to design and wanted lots of edible gardens,” Davila says. The designers found creative ways to incorporate a wide range of edible plants, such as with a linear fruit orchard along the driveway, mounds of herbs in the front yard, and, in the back, colorful orange metal hoops that support kiwi and raspberry vines, along with Cor-Ten steel trellises supporting hops. Closer to the house, the landscape is refined, containing a patio, pool and kitchen plus dining and lounging spaces. Moving away from the house, the landscape becomes more rustic and connected to the expansive views beyond the property.

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