Fenty Hair Guru Rihanna Flexes Her Natural Curls In The NYC Streets

Rihanna is all about her natural curls these days, and the curly queen is looking effortlessly cute showing them off.

The Fenty Beauty queen stepped out looking bad, bougie and mad casual, all at the same time Sunday in NYC. She snapped it up with her team and fans as she headed out looking curly & coifed.

Draped in a fur – despite it being 90 degrees today – a cami, bra and cargo pants, Rihanna brought the cool to the steamy New York streets:

Rihanna rocking her real hair so that you DEF know it’s her real hair is likely intentional. She’s been getting criticized for launching her hair care line, Fenty Hair, when, according to internet chatter, she mainly wears wigs & weaves.

Beyonce got the same criticism when she released CECRED, and Mrs. Cowboy Carter revealed that she actually has often rocked her real hair and folks just didn’t realize it.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Ri was pulling a similar move. It wouldn’t be Rihanna if one of her new launches didn’t cause a ton of conversation.

The Fenty beauty queen entered the hair care space with a bang, and the promos are crazy good. But, of course, the people are hilariously serving up some questions that need answers.

But all the chatter is feeling more and more like a 2024 Rihanna vs. Beyonce saga entry. And the fans are noticing. This video is going viral begging folks to stop pitting two successful black women against each other who are also beauty founders and pop stars.

A couple days ago, Rih had the internet on fire with what seemed like an announcement via a fashion statement. Quite Rihanna of her.

RZA and Riot‘s mama’s tee read “I’m Retired.”, which is likely a nod to the Navy constantly asking for a new album while she responds with new business moves & Fenty Beauty & Hair releases instead. Ha!

Rihanna and her babies’ father ASAP Rocky have been out and about all weekend, actually. Boo’d up and chillin’:


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