Gogglebox’s Daniel Lustig opens up about the perils of online dating after marriage split from Stephen Webb

GOGGLEBOX star Daniel Lustig has spoken candidly about what it’s been like getting back on the apps after his divorce with co-star Stephen Webb.

The reality TV personality is now single and ready to mingle after he and Stephen called time on their romantic relationship.

Daniel Lustig has spoken about dating again for the first time in over a decade


Daniel Lustig has spoken about dating again for the first time in over a decadeCredit: Instagram/lustig75
He appeared on Gogglebox with ex Stephen Webb


He appeared on Gogglebox with ex Stephen Webb
The reality star is now looking for love in his 40s


The reality star is now looking for love in his 40sCredit: instagram/lustig75

But after spending 11 years with the same person, Daniel has been shocked to see how much the dating landscape has changed.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun, he revealed: “11 years ago there were no dating apps.

“There were dating websites, you know, like Match. There was no Tinder.

“There was no – I don’t even know all the names you know.

“I did download Tinder but I haven’t put a profile on there yet. I don’t know if I’m really confident.”

He also shared what he is looking for in a new match, giggling: “How does that song go? Looking for a man in finance. With a trust fund. Six foot five.”

Despite attempting to start the search for romance online, the 43-year-old TV personality disclosed that he is actually hoping to find love again the old school way.

“Hopefully I’ll meet someone off the cuff! At a wedding or on the home lawns walking my dogs. Babs definitely has an eye for hot guys on the lot.”

However, when asked if any of his other single friends in their 40s had met someone in real life, he laughed sheepishly.

“No. I did meet Stephen like that originally though!” he protested.

“I met him in a town hall in the queue for parking tickets.”

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Daniel previously confirmed the separation wasn’t caused by a dramatic fallout, but simply two people falling out of love over time.

Despite filing for divorce, Daniel and Stephen were determined to maintain the friendship which first brought them together.

They currently still live together in Brighton as they attempt to sell their flat, and have remained joint owners of their hair salon.

Daniel admitted that navigating their split was “a bit choppy in the beginning”, but now Daniel can even listen to stories about Stephen’s newfound love life painlessly.

“Nothing nasty happened here, nothing really dramatic,” he said.

“That would be a different story but because it hasn’t been like that, it was quite grown up.

“In the beginning it’s always tricky, isn’t it? But once you’ve got your boundaries in place – we do get on well.

“We’re still sharing a flat together. He comes home and tells me about his filming Celebs Go Dating and I try to give him some advice.

“I don’t know if he listens to it, but I will give it. I know what the comments will be.

“He’s come back and I’ve said, ‘You know you’re like that. Stop that.'”

When asked if it was difficult for him to hear the news that his ex husband would be filmed going on dates with new people, Daniel shared that Stephen consulted him before signing up for the E4 reality show.

He added: “He was so kind about it. I said no, you should definitely go for it, you should see what’s out there and have some fun with it.

“In the beginning I was like, I don’t know if I can watch it. Or I might watch it through one eye.

“But now it’s coming closer, I think I’m just too nosy. I’ll probably have to watch it.

“I’ll be sitting there going, ‘No! Don’t say those things!’ I feel like I know him inside out. I know what he’s going to be like.”

Daniel himself is keen for an invite onto MAFS UK or Love is Blind, confessing: “I would definitely go on those dating shows.

“Anything blind dating is great isn’t it? You don’t really know who they are in the beginning, but you get to know them.”

Gogglebox stars Stephen and Daniel’s relationship timeline

Hairdressing duo Stephen Webb and Daniel Lustig got engaged back in 2016 and married two years later.

The couple co-own a hair salon and live in a £575,000 property on Brighton’s sought after seafront.

At the time of the engagement, Stephen appeared on Gogglebox alongside his ex-boyfriend Chris Ashby-Steed.

In 2019, Daniel made his Gogglebox debut and was immediately a big hit.

Chris, who is now in a happy relationship with husband Tony, spoke publicly about how the show affected his mental health.

Having relocated to Wales and quit showbiz, Chris said he was racked with anxiety during his time on the programme.

Just last year Daniel and Stephen shocked Gogglebox fans when they announced they were leaving the programme. Daniel had been part of the show since its launch in 2013.

Their departure opened up a new world of opportunity for the duo and it was soon announced that Stephen would take part in Dancing on Ice. But disaster struck and injury ruled him out before the live shows.

There were further gasps of shock in April when we revealed the pair had split up. They vowed to remain friends and looked to be true to their word, sharing a smiley picture the following day with Stephen’s mum on the seafront.

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