‘Golden Bachelorette’ Fans Take Issue With Joan Vassos’ Age

Golden Bachelorette


Joan Vassos.

Bachelor Nation fans are still reeling from the announcement that Joan Vassos has been named as the first star of “The Golden Bachelorette.”

The widowed mother of four appeared on Gerry Turner’s season of “The Golden Bachelor” last fall. Vassos left Turner’s season early on of her own accord, but her short stint on the show isn’t what’s rubbing some fans the wrong way.

Instead, it’s Vassos’ age—at age 61, she was one of the youngest contestants on 72-year-old Turner’s season—that has some fans thinking she’s not quite old enough for the role.

‘Golden Bachelorette’ Fans Complained that Joan Vassos Isn’t Even a Senior Citizen

Fans reacted to ‘The Golden Bachelorette” casting news on social media, and many took issue with the choice of Vassos.

“Interesting… the youngest looking one (and I think she was one of the youngest goldens to begin with) ,” one viewer wrote on Reddit.

“I think she is really young to be the golden bachelorette. She only 61!” another wrote.

“She’s 61 years old. Barely Golden age. How can they expect her to pick someone in their 70’s or 80’s,” another wrote on Instagram.

“That was my thought! Nothing golden about her… I’m disappointed for sure. I’m sure she’s a nice person but wouldn’t have been my pick at all,” added another.

“Should’ve been Ellen…someone who actually falls into the ‘golden’ category,” another wrote. The commenter appeared to refer to Turner’s fourth-place finisher, Ellen Goltzer, 71.

Vassos is all about not feeling “old.” In an interview with CNN published after the casting announcement, she said “The Golden Bachelor” showed “the side of, we’re not old.”

“We don’t have canes. Some people on the show had hearing aids, but nobody could even see they had them,” Vassos added. “Growing old now is very different. We were all very fit, we exercised…We’re still fun and energetic and we know how to use our phones.”

Some of Joan Vassos’ Suitors Could Be In Their 50s

joan vassosjoan vassos

ABCJoan Vassos.

During Turner’s season of “The Golden Bachelor,” his women were aged 60 to 75.  His final pick, and short-time bride, was Theresa Nist, 70. But according to CNN, Vassos’ season will feature her going on dates with men “in their fifties through seventies.”

While fifties are not exactly the “senior citizen” age of 65, the younger demographic could help with some previous concerns about finding men who look and feel as good as “The Golden Bachelor” women did.

Vassos’ own co-star, contestant Kathy Swarts, said as much in a previous interview with People magazine. Swarts admitted that while she’d like to be “The Golden Bachelorette,” she felt casting directors would have a hard time casting suitable senior men for someone as active as she is.

“I am an incredibly active, adventurous person,” Swarts, 70, said. “And I think they would have a hard time finding 20-some odd guys that could keep up with me.”

According to her ABC bio, Vassos was married to her husband John for 32 years before his death. She is now looking for “a family man with whom to blend her life.”

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