Graham McTavish Jokes About Only Being Cast in Fantasy Shows: ‘It’s Strange’ | Graham McTavish | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Even Graham McTavish knows it’s a bit strange that he keeps getting roles in fantasy shows.

The actor, who has appeared in not only Outlander, but House of the Dragon and Netflix’s The Witcher, opened up about the odd coincidence and likenesses of his roles in the fan favorite shows.

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Speaking to Insider at the season three premiere of The Witcher, Graham opened up about it all.

“It is strange that I seem to spend a great deal of my career now just riding around on horseback, wearing cloaks, carrying candles, armed with a sword,” he joked on the red carpet.

He then added that all three roles are “very different in lots of ways, but what the fantasy world allows you is a sort of latitude that you don’t get in some other genre. So, if I was sat behind a desk as Dijkstra with a cellphone, it wouldn’t be as interesting.”

“I am a big fan of that genre so the opportunity to perform in it has been absolutely fantastic,” Graham added. “That’s what I want to do, so it’s been very fortuitous. So I started with The Hobbit, I suppose, and I’ve never worn a suit since.”

You can catch Graham in season three of The Witcher, streaming now on Netflix. Part two of the season will debut on July 27.

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