Harry Jowsey Details Emotional Breakdown on TV

Harry Jowsey Meltdown


Harry Jowsey defends his meltdown as “Perfect Match” debuts.

A season 32 “Dancing with the Stars” alum is back on television again, and in one episode, he got quite emotional. Harry Jowsey was partnered with Rylee Arnold for season 32 of DWTS, and many reality television stars already knew him from his time on “Too Hot to Handle.” Now he’s on season 2 of Netflix’s “Perfect Match,” defending himself over some drama that played out.

Here’s what you need to know:

Harry Jowsey Cried Over Criticisms Over His Reputation & Intentions

Netflix has officially launched season 2 of “Perfect Match,” and Jowsey is one of the contestants. As People shared on June 7, Netflix released the first six episodes of the new season at once. During episode 5, the “Dancing with the Stars” alum ended up in tears.

Jowsey told People, “I think the problem with that situation was maybe a few things that weren’t necessarily put in [the show] that kind of built up to that moment.”

As viewers saw in that episode, “Love Is Blind” alum and fellow “Perfect Match” contestant Jessica Vestal supported Jowsey when his frustrations and emotions boiled over.

Others on the cast were commenting on Jowsey’s reputation, and potential motives for joining the show, and it got to him. Making the situation all the more intense for Jowsey were comments along those lines from his pal on the show, Dom Gabriel.

While Vestal supported Jowsey as he cried, she also admitted she started to question his intentions after hearing what everyone else said.

Jowsey told People, “I think I was constantly fighting as soon as I got in the house. People can just take me for me instead of the version that they saw on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ or what they see online or what they’ve seen from what someone else has said about me.”

Jowsey & Vestal Worked Through the Emotional Situation

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant also told People, “So it was tough because I felt like I was there following my heart and trying to be pure and honest and open.”

Jowsey alleged that “Any moment that someone could,” they would “Get in Jess’ head or anyone’s head” about him. “I think it was tough for Jess to be able to hear everything from these girls who are trying to tear us apart.”

The comments from Gabriel were especially brutal, Jowsey admitted. “Then most importantly, Dom, who I’m really close with… for him to say that, it’s a little bit tough, but I guess it’s just the nature of the game.”

Jowsey told Vestal his intentions were good. “I’m dating to marry and I don’t care about anything else.” He broke down and cried during episode 5 of “Perfect Match,” and Vestal later apologized to him.

“He’s worth working on things for,” she said at one point after smoothing things over with Jowsey, directly to the camera.

“Perfect Match” fans will see more of Vestal and Jowsey’s developing relationship when three additional episodes drop on Friday, June 14. Could she be his perfect match and the woman he will marry?

For better or worse, Jowsey already spilled the beans during the first episode of his new podcast, “Boyfriend Material.” In the April 30 episode, he revealed that “Perfect Match” filmed shortly before he joined “Dancing with the Stars.”

Jowsey insisted he fell hard for Vestal. However, he admitted, the connection he developed with his “Dancing with the Stars” partner Arnold caused issues in what he said at the time was his “secret relationship” with Vestal.

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