Heather Shares if She’s Leaving RHOC, Shades Tamra & Shannon

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Heather Dubrow is embarking on her second season of The Real Housewives of Orange County after returning from a five-year hiatus, and apparently, the O.C. vet has “a lot to work to do” following her “RHOC-season-17-addresses-taylor-joining-cast-plus-she-responds-to-parenting-criticism/”>most difficult season” yet.

Heather’s first season back into the fray went relatively smooth compared toRHOC-recap-tamra-confronts-jennifer-over-tone-deaf-post-amid-gym-closure-and-apologizes-to-shannon-as-jennifer-is-questioned-over-relationship-timeline-and-ryan-vieth-returns/”> season 17 as she revealed that she’s currently on the outs with almost everyone on the cast.

“I would say that my friendships with everyone are at odd,” Heather recently told Today. “[They are] in different states; all of them. And there’s definitely going to have to be things worked out at the reunion.”

Adding of the yet-to-be-filmed reunion Heather said that she is more than ready to tackle her issues with her costars saying, “I don’t have to prepare [for the reunion.] I feel very strong in my convictions. I mean, obviously, you have to watch the show as we go along, because sometimes your memory is not exactly equal with the narrative.”

Heather revealed that she’s most disappointed in her friendship with costar, Shannon Beador. After urging Shannon and returning “pot stirrer” Tamra Judge to reconcile, Heather said she was pushed out of the friendship.

“It sucks, it feels terrible. I mean, three women together are difficult, three kids together are difficult, someone’s always an odd man out. As much as I wanted the two of them to become friends again, because I really did, my one concern was that I was going to be on the outside, and it’s exactly what happened,” she claimed.

Still, Heather doesn’t seem to believe that Shannon and Tamra’s newly mended friendship is authentic as she insinuated to the outlet that the relationship is all for the cameras.

“Let’s just go with the facts. The facts are that they were quote, “best friends,” and then as soon as Tamra left the show, they didn’t speak,” Heather said. “Now that she’s back on the show, all of a sudden, we’re very close friends again. You do the math.”

Despite the pair engaging in a highly teased “nuclear” confrontation, Heather maintains that she was excited to have Tamra RHOC-return-says-she-has-different-perspective-ahead-of-season-17-as-andy-cohen-reacts/”>rejoin the show, noting that each one has helped the show become the juggernaut it is.

“I think having Tamra back sort of made it feel complete, because when I went back last year, except for Shannon, I didn’t know anybody, so it was almost like walking onto a completely different show,” she said.

“The truth is, like it’s an ensemble show,” Heather continued. “I mean, would we be here if I hadn’t come on last year? Will we be wherever we’re going next year if Tamra hadn’t come on this year? It’s all cumulative, and it’s all fantastic. I don’t understand why it’s a competition, you know? Putting out someone’s candle does not make yours burn brighter.”

Unfortunately, Heather and Tamra have both iterated that their truce doesn’t last and are “not in a great place” today. The pair have recently engaged in a verbal sparring match while making the press rounds to promote RHOC.

Tamra recently said that Heather’s friendship with Gina Kirschenheiter was facilitated out of necessity as she “needed an ally.”

In response, Heather told the outlet that she’s too busy with her family to keep up “fake friendships”, teasing what’s to come of her relationship with Gina.

“I really like Gina, and I really felt we had a real friendship. However, you see in the first episode, that she ghosted me,” Heather said adding, “I invited her to all these things, and then I never heard from her again, which I found upsetting. She tells me she’s going to work on it and now you’re going to have to watch and see, but I’ll tell you this, I have four kids, a husband, friends, 12 jobs. If you think I have time for fake friendships, that would be wrong.”

To that end, Heather revealed that she’s been in contact with RHOC alums Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi adding that she’d love for Gretchen to come back to the franchise.

“She’d be awesome back. I think she’d be great. It’s interesting, Alexis and I have seen each other a lot. Our kids were in a play together a few years ago, so we started talking. We have a lot in common and with our children and whatnot. So you know, we’ve been talking, and then Gretchen and I have mutual friends, I see her at events all the time.”

Many fans were excited for Heather’s return to RHOC, however, rumblings have begun to emerge that The Seven Year Stitch co-host could possibly be leaving the franchise after selling her RHOC-star-heather-dubrow-shows-off-the-stunning-backyard-and-pool-of-her-22000-sq-ft-home-plus-pics-of-her-home-office-and-terrys-mancave/”>iconic and massive O.C. mansion.

“We’re sort of figuring it out. Look, I’m looking for a new project,” she said vaguely referencing the rumors. “I like to build houses and do renos and the whole thing. So, we’ve looked at places in Orange County, we’ve looked at places in Beverly Hills and we’ll see.”

“We’re only on episode Three. A lot could change. Look, in general, I’ve been doing this, whether actually on the show, taking a hiatus, coming back, for about 12 years, and I am incredibly grateful for the platform that this has presented for me and for my family. Having said that, what’s the next evolution of me, my life, my family, my career — I guess time is going to tell,” she concluded.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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