Heating Up the Rap Beef on Instagram

In a recent Instagram outburst, The Game didn’t hold back his feelings toward fellow rapper Rick Ross. The tension between these two artists flared up again, with The Game challenging Ross in a rap beef.

In his post, The Game taunted Ross for not releasing what he insinuated was a weak track: “Scared to drop that nursery rhyme you recorded the other night I see lol…”. He declared his victory preemptively with a bold, “Fuck it, a quick W for the home team & some real rap for the fans’ playlist.”

The Game Calls Out Rick Ross For Not Dropping His Diss Track
the game ig post

The Game’s post didn’t stop at challenging Ross’s rap skills; it also mocked his street credibility and lifestyle. By posting “very attainable cereal bowls, bottled up dog piss & crouching by cars,” The Game ridiculed Ross’s attempts to intimidate or impress. His words were harsh and pointed: “Posting like that’s gonna get you outta this ass whoopin’. IT AINT!!!”

Dedicating his rhetoric to the real “Rick Ross,” freewayricky, The Game showed his respect to the original gangster, contrasting his authentic street cred with what he implies are Ross’s pretensions. He closed his message with a personal jab at Ross’s physique and authenticity, calling him a “human Capri Sun pouch body shaped nigga,” and dismissing Ross’s label, which he derisively termed “Widebach Music.”

As the feud heats up, fans and the hip-hop community buzz over what might come next. Will Rick Ross respond with bars of his own, or will this Instagram call-out mark another chapter in their ongoing rivalry? One thing is certain, The Game is ready to go “bar for bar,” and he’s not backing down.


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