“I Should Have More Camera Time” – Deadline

The second season of Claim to Fame on ABC started off with a huge meltdown from Tom Hanks’ niece. Carly Reeves was the first one eliminated after a fellow contestant guessed she was related to the Forrest Gump star.

Hugo correctly guessed that Reeves’ famous relative was Hanks after identifying the park bench from the show’s clue wall. Following her elimination, Reeves started crying and yelling in a moment that has now gone viral on social media.

“These friggin’ clues are just so friggin’ obvious,” Reeves is heard yelling as she walks up to her bedroom to pack up her things. “Friggin’ bench… Friggin’ poster of friggin’ Forrest Gump, are you kidding me?”

The Claim to Fame contestants were taken aback at Reeves’ meltdown as they heard her yelling in frustration.

“Why a bench? Why a bench?” Reeves added. “There’s literally no references to benches on any other movie. Even Gabriel found that out, he’s not even smart. I didn’t even get to do any challenges.”

She continued, “I don’t deserve this. I should have more camera time. I should be here longer. No one expected that, no one.”

Watch the viral Claim to Fame moment below.

Following her elimination from Claim to Fame, Reeves opened up to Entertainment Weekly about her experience on the show and acknowledges that she “overreacted a little bit,” adding, “but I’m an emotional, very dramatic person. I was really angry that I didn’t get a chance to play as long as some of other contestants. I mean, there was no one to be angry at. I was just angry in general at myself, and at the fact that I was going home. And then that turned to complete despair and sadness. I even say, like, ‘I should get more camera time!’ That’s just so silly of me to say. But I also was just saying things out of my mouth.”

Reeves said that she had talked to her famous uncle who wished her the “best of luck” on the show. She would follow up with Hanks after being eliminated and hopes he ends up watching the episode.

“Maybe I don’t want him to watch it because I don’t want to embarrass him for any reason,” she said. “I hope I don’t embarrass him, but I don’t think I do. So, I would love for him to watch it, because I think it’s hilarious… He’s happy for me no matter what. He did ask me, ‘Did you make some money?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I made a little bit.’ And he said, ‘Ok, good.’ So, he was happy that I made a little money.”

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