If Real Housewives Had Superpowers, What Would They Be?

I just love a superhero story. An ordinary citizen is struck with extraordinary powers charged with keeping the entire population safe. When one of the newest Marvel or DC blockbusters comes out, I find myself glued to the screen with my popcorn and hope. Sometimes, this is also how I feel when I am watching the Real Housewives franchise. The women are icons and heroes in their own right. Even though Zeus may not have put their faces in the constellations, fans know they are in the presence of god when they bump into them. So I couldn’t help but ponder if the roles were reversed and our ladies were superheroes, who would they be? 

Fired Real Housewives alum, Ramona Singer

Fired former Bravoleb Ramona Singer.
Photo Credit: Bravo

What’s that saying, “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee?” Well, for Ramona Singer, aka the Singer Stinger, we’d have to switch the bee to a scorpion. I am going to give her a similar origin to Peter Parker. But with Ramona, she was retreating in the dusty desert of Sedona, trying to find her inner peace. Spoiler alert: no such luck. As she lay tucked tight in her bed a tiny scorpion had snuck under the covers. But this was no normal scorpion. It was one that had escaped from Sonora Quest. 

With a flick of its tale, Ramona was stung. Now, with the venom coursing through her, she was able to incapacitate her foe. Watch out, Luann de Lesseps if you don’t shape up that cabaret act, the Singer Stinger might just get you! 

Jennifer Aydin?

Jennifer Aydin
Photo Credit: Bravo

The comic relief of Jennifer Aydin is, at times, what pulls a dull episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey into an interesting one. For Jen’s origin story, I am going to compare her to one of the X-Men. Charles Xavier had numerous pupils under his tutelage, but none quite like Rhapsody. She could put anyone into a trance just with her music. Jennifer’s talent isn’t far off as she can lull you into a hypnotized sense with her impressions of others, almost making you forget that she is usually at the center of the drama. 

Both Jen and Rhapsody are elegant in their own right. And use their unique talent to win over a crowd. The ability that Jen has to crack a smile on anyone’s face allows her to gain their trust and, at times, solidify them as allies in her war against Danielle Cabral

Real Housewives icon, Tamra Judge

Perhaps one of the greatest superheroes of them all when it comes to the Real Housewives would be Tamra Judge. She is small but mighty and, more often than not, uses her power for good. From the moment she first yelled, “It’s my opinion!” I could sense she might have ties to the Hulk family. Just like Bruce Banner, Tamra was caught between two worlds. One where she was a soft-spoken newly baptized woman and another where she was pushed to her limits when dealing with some of her costars. 

But again, just like Bruce, Tamra has a super soft side. Tammy Sue is nothing but a good friend as time and time again she has always spoken up for what is right. Whether she was warning Vicki Gunvalson about Brooks Ayers or Jennifer Pedranti about Ryan Boyajian. Tamra has a heart of gold and has become a fan favorite of the franchise, just like the big green dude has in Marvel. 

Real Housewives alum Bethenny Frankel

The ex Real Housewives of New York star was a rogue housewife. Bethenny Frankel was always the dark horse who never fell in line. If I had to pick a superhero to match the mother of one’s personality, it would be Wolverine. Bethenny and Wolverine earned a reputation for being cutthroat, often coming off as cold and aloof. Both were formidable adversaries whenever anyone dared to cross their paths.

After her recent crusade against the network, followers were quick to learn that Kitty has claws. But if you took the time to get to know Bethenny and earned her trust she would be a protector for life. 


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