“In These Eyes,” by the British songbird TaniA Kyllikki ft. Rynellton, tells a romantic tale that is both captivating and mesmerising.

 TaniA Kyllikki, the independently successful British songbird, writes melodies that stick with you. The talented singer-songwriter who transcends categorization has become “one of the most powerful female talents in independent music culture” since the year 2020. Her unique voice is a result of her combining “traditional, forceful vocal ranges” with “distinct, in their entirety, and intuitive storytelling,” which gives her songs “emotion, sophisticated feelings of compassion, and depth.”

TaniA Kyllikki has appeared on the cover of and been featured in countless publications and newspapers since she first gained fame as a singer-songwriter. In addition, the chart-topping songstress popular tracks, all written by TaniA Kyllikki, include singles “H.W.C.,” “Rare,” “Remind Me, main version (presented by Ne-Yo) and the remix by Dj Jo Paulo,” and TaniA’s heartfelt songs “Lie With Me” and “WHY.” 

Now, TaniA is back with another dazzling single titled “In These Eyes,” which Rynellton, aka Garry D. Hairston, produced, TaniA Kyllikki wrote, and “Awe Inspiring Records” released. It will serve as the opening tune on her 2024 album, titled “Free-Spirited.”

TaniA’s new single also features her spouse and musical collaborator Rynellton (full name: Garry D. Hairston), who got married to TaniA on June 10th this year. Rynellton’s rap section adds that extra fire to the track over TaniA’s mystical Arabic-style riffs. With their latest release, the emerging power couple proves once again that they are genre-bending masters who can make anything sound magical.

With its blend of soulful R&B, rock, and Egyptian-vibrating pop elements, “In These Eyes” creates the ideal dynamic soundscape to accompany the fascinating true love story it tells. Her vocals execute as always, offering her signature effortless, beautiful whistle tone and sustained notes that have earned her the nickname “The British Songbird.” John Woodard did the file prep work, and Phil Dust did the mixing and mastering, giving the final polished touches.

TaniA’s alluring lyrics, such as “Ima let you in where no one has been” and “Your body language tells me you know, Where your hearts telling you to go, I have had you shook from the first hello, clearly it’s been written in stone,” provide a hypnotic story of enticement that becomes a powerful love story that any music lover will find themselves submerged in and captured by.

The song’s enchanted instrumentals, along with TaniA’s powerful and sensual vocals, create a flaming R&B fusion with a mystical, ethereal quality. You only need to listen to this song once for its enchantment to permeate your very being.

Leaving us all eagerly anticipating the next offering from TaniA Kyllikki, her husband Rynellton (aka Garry D. Hairston), and their team. Based on the popularity of her prior single releases and her chart-topping debut “Why Chapter One” in 2022, “Free-Spirited,” TaniA’s second studio album, is poised to be a big success.

Listen to TaniA Kyllikki ft. Rynellton, swelteringly hot new single here,

In These Eyes TaniA Kyllikki ft. Rynellton 

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