Influencer Charlotte Groeneveld on her favorite fashions, fragrance and jewelry

After 13 years as a fashion influencer — recently reaching coveted FOC status (that’s Friend of Chanel) — Charlotte Groeneveld has realized she’s a minimalist with a quality-over-quantity mindfulness. Except when it comes to jewelry.

“In that case, I am definitely a maximalist,” the Fashion Guitar creative director, 39, admits. On any given day, the Netherlands-born, New York City-dwelling style maven is most likely to be wearing three rings per hand, including her Art Deco-style Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring flanked by baguettes, and her favorite Chanel Coco Crush gold bands.

“I love them in combination with my finger tattoos,” explains Groeneveld, who has the initials of her three kids permanently etched across the middle knuckles of her right hand (“S” for Stella, 10, “J” for James, 12, and “T” for Teddy, 2). “It is unexpected when you look at that gorgeous fine jewelry, to see that contrast. It’s so me.”

Read on for more clues as to how Groeneveld achieves her never-ending chicness.

Courtesy of Wardrobe NYC

“This has the best fit — slightly oversized — just how I like it. Whenever I wear it, I get so many compliments.”

Courtesy of Chanel

“My very first piece of fine jewelry from Chanel! I own it in beige gold and white gold and wear them on my middle and pointer fingers of my right hand. I love mixing metals when it comes to jewelry.”

Courtesy of Dior

“For the premiere of ‘The New Look’ on Apple TV+, the brand launched this new fragrance, and it is absolutely amazing. I don’t switch often from my favorite scents, but this one came in first place the moment I smelled it.”

Courtesy of Balenciaga

“I love my jeans baggy. I have many other brands in my wardrobe, too, but my forever go-to — when my bank account allows — is Balenciaga.”

Courtesy of Chanel

“This is the latest in my Chanel jewelry collection. We shot this for the opening of the Chanel jewelry boutique on Madison Avenue in September 2023, and I haven’t taken it off since.”

Courtesy of Sporty and Rich

“I buy them two sizes up for the perfect aesthetic and feel of a tee stolen from your dad in the ’80s. I use them layered and peeking out of my wool sweaters.”

Courtesy of Dior

“This Dior bag accompanies me everywhere. Medium is the best size; big enough to fit in a lot, not too big to carry around. More of a day bag than evening, but since evenings are preferably spent at home, I don’t mind.”

Courtesy of Chanel

“It is truly the lightest makeup. You don’t feel it! Whenever I wear this, people say my skin is glowing.”

Courtesy of Chanel

“I love the bow detail and the way it is on one finger but covers both.”

Courtesy of Westman Atelier

“This is the second layer of my daily makeup, which gives blush and a slight contour. I use ‘Petal – Dusty Nude Rose.’ It’s so warm and goes with my skin tone perfectly.”

Courtesy of Celine

“Ever since I lost my most-favorite-of-all-time sunglasses, a cat-eye from Celine’s Phoebe [Philo] era, I tried to find a replacement. This oval pair is so far the best.”

Courtesy of Dior

“I love playing around with warm deep tones, but I always come back to the one on the top right. It is the perfect beige to give definition and shape, subtle but there.”

Courtesy of Chanel

“I wanted this watch since college, so it was a dream to finally own one. I like my watch to be a little big in size, so I wear the 33 millimeter.”

Courtesy of Saint Laurent

“Elegant, understated, and cute under jeans or a summer dress.”

Courtesy of Phlur

“Fresh and perfect for daytime scents in the house. They burn really, really long.”

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