Is Simon Cowell OVER?! New Netflix Show Couldn’t Even Get Boy Band Wannabes To Show Up!

Is Simon Cowell OVER?! New Netflix Show Couldn’t Even Get Boy Band Wannabes To Show Up!

Simon Cowell thought he had the perfect touch to put together another boy band to rival the success of One Direction… but it AIN’T HAPPENING! At least not yet, judging by these shocking audition pics!

The music mogul has been searching for young men to audition for the next big boy band as part of his Netflix show The Midas Touch. But the search ain’t going well! It started in Liverpool, England on Saturday, and then continued on Sunday. Chaos, right?! Long lines, hundreds of hopefuls, a gazillion auditions and chemistry tests?? Nnnnnnnope! Just a couple dozen people showed up ALL WEEKEND!

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The US Sun spoke to an observer who was at the Royal Albert Dock venue in Liverpool where the auditions were held, and that person said only a handful of people showed up to try out! Seriously?! The source explained the number of lads coming through never got up to more than a trickle on either day:

“They started arriving slowly from about 9am on Saturday but the biggest number in the queue never amounted to more than about 40. By early afternoon, the number arriving had virtually dried up and it was the same story on the Sunday audition.”


Simon’s team clearly expected more. They set up long rows of railings underneath the shaded cover of a HUGE tent for audition hopefuls. Except barely any hopefuls showed up! The source continued:

“The amount of railings they put up suggested they were expecting hundreds or thousands of people to arrive and pack out the queues but they had a fraction of those kinds of numbers.”

They’re not lying about the amount of railings, either. A photo purportedly taken from the nearly empty lines at the audition in Liverpool this weekend was posted all over social media and published by the US Sun and others. You can see it for yourself (below):

Yikes! BIG yikes!! This is far from the days of The X Factor or American Idol. Has the 64-year-old Cowell lost his touch?! We want to know what Netflix thinks about this with their high hopes for the show! Heck, we want to know what “Midas” himself thinks! He can’t be happy!

This isn’t the only issue that has plagued auditions, either. Tryouts were supposed to start a few days earlier, on Thursday, up in Newcastle. However, Simon’s team revealed late last week those two dates had been canceled. At the time, organizers blamed it on “the travel schedule.”


FWIW, Simon actually spoke to Hello! late last week about trying to get The Midas Touch off the ground, and he didn’t sound super confident even then! Reflecting on how difficult this has already been, the boy band string-puller said the production has been “one of the scariest things I’ve ever done because I have no safety net.” He went on:

“I used to do this 25 years ago, before social media, so now, everyone is in their bedrooms. Are they going to audition? I hope so.”


He kind of called it with that quote, y’all. Simon can still save face, though. He’ll head to Dublin later this month to hold more auditions, and from there, he’s set to hold three tryout dates in London at the start of August. Hopefully the lines will be full in those spots, because if not… well… Cowell will have clearly lost “the Midas touch”!

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