‘It Was Burning So Bad’: Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Sierra Gates Opens Up About Painful Tattoo Experience

Having a tattoo can bring about a thrilling experience. It allows individuals to creatively express themselves and eternally commemorate a significant moment in their lives. However, Sierra Gates had a different encounter. She recently recounted her unfortunate tale of a tattoo mishap. Her story emphasizes the significance of comprehending the potential risks associated with getting a tattoo.

Let’s take a look at her harrowing experience of getting a tattoo, as she shares the risks associated with tattoos.

Sierra Gates’ tattoo nightmare

Sierra Gates, a 35-year-old businesswoman and reality TV star, recently opened up about a tattoo session that turned into a nightmare. In an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta, Sierra revealed the harrowing experience of contracting a bacterial infection after a 12-hour tattoo session on her right leg.

Having been tattooed since she was 16, Sierra is no stranger to the process and has tattoos all over her body. She thought she could handle the pain with the help of numbing cream. However, the body art session lasted a grueling 12 hours. The following day, Sierra woke up to excruciating pain and discovered she had contracted cellulitis, a serious bacterial infection.

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Sierra was diagnosed with cellulitis

“On fire. Like, literally on fire. Like I’d never been set on fire. But I swear it was burning so bad that I felt like there were flames around my leg,” said Sierra. She described it as an intense sensation that was unbearable. The pain became so unbearable that Sierra was prompted to seek medical attention.

Sierra was hospitalized and diagnosed with cellulitis, a bacterial infection that can become serious if left untreated. Nurse Brittany Gould explained the severity of Gates’ condition, highlighting the potential dangers of cellulitis. The infection had progressed beyond the superficial stage, putting Gates at risk of complications like sepsis.

Cellulitis often happens when the skin gets injured like from cuts or burns which allows the bacteria to get inside. People who are overweight or have diabetes, cancer, or skin issues are more at risk. Mostly, one can avoid it by washing cuts with soap and water daily. Or covering it with bandages, but if nothing works out, consult a doctor.

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Gates’ challenging recovery

Sierra Gates, a 35-year-old businesswoman and reality TV star, has been on a challenging journey to recovery after a tattoo session resulted in a severe bacterial infection. Following the session, which lasted a grueling 12 hours, Gates needed antibiotics, pain medication, and plenty of rest. Typically, cellulitis can be treated in about five days, but Gates’ condition was so severe that she spent double that time in the hospital.

Two months have passed since the incident, and her leg is still healing. Gates now urges others to opt for shorter tattoo sessions and cautions against rushing into extensive tattooing without considering the potential risks and consequences.

Despite the ordeal, Gates remains resilient and is determined to bounce back stronger than ever.

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