Janet Caperna on Why Zack Wickham Wasn’t Invited to Her Babymoon

Janet Caperna is getting real about her fallout with Zack Wickham.

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Tensions between the two came to a head in The Valley Season 1, Episode 8, when Janet excluded Zack, Kristen Doute, and Luke Broderick from a group trip to Big Bear Lake, California. Janet had previously distanced herself from the latter two following their explosive blowout with castmates Jesse and Michelle Lally; however, her decision to snub Zack was somewhat unclear.

“Zack insinuated that I didn’t invite him because he was single. That obviously had nothing to do with it,” Janet said in the May 14 Gabbing with Gib episode. “Before my birthday last year, we hadn’t spoken in a couple of years. Our friendship was not in a good place at all. There’s a lot of stuff that had happened that I didn’t want to be aligned with or I didn’t agree with. We had taken a long time of not speaking and not being friends.”

Janet Caperna sheds light on her fallout with Zack Wickham

Janet didn’t provide details on what caused her and Zack’s rift but said they attempted to be cordial once The Valley started filming.

“We have a bunch of mutual friends; it became harder to avoid each other,” she continued. “So when Zack was, like, ‘Janet and I are so great. I don’t know why I wasn’t invited’… Anybody who knows us really well was, like, ‘Why did he say that? That’s so strange.’ We were in a better place than we had been in a really long time… but to go on an overnight trip and be stuck in a house with people for multiple nights? Zack and I’s friendship just wasn’t there.”

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Zack Wickham calls Janet Caperna “a high-key mean girl”

Zack said he was confused by Janet’s decision as he believed they “were in a good place.” In Season 1, Episode 9, he told his castmates he had “literally defended Janet 1,000 times over,” which is why he was so “hurt” over his exclusion.

“You want to talk about mean girl behavior? Janet is a high-key mean girl,” he said in an episode interview. “Not just low — she’s high, low, she’s medium, she’s every type of a mean girl there is. And she’s good at hiding it, which is the craziest part.”

Janet Caperna was “surprised” Zack Wickham “cared” about her babymoon

Janet, however, pushed back on Zack’s claims during her Gabbing with Gib interview, saying Zack and Kristen have repeatedly blasted her on The Valley, so much so she thought she was doing them a favor by not inviting them.

“Honestly, I was surprised they even wanted to come,” she explained. “I think it was more about being in the group than it was about being on my babymoon. And you see them, multiple times through these early episodes, they didn’t have nice things to say about me. I don’t know why they wanted to come to my babymoon… I was kind of surprised they cared so much. I think if Kristen was planning a trip at the time, she wouldn’t have invited me either… We’re taking space right now. I think she would’ve known that.”

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