Jeana Keough Reposts Filtered Photo After Daughter Calls Her Out

Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Lauri Peterson and Jeana Keough


Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Lauri Peterson and Jeana Keough

Former “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Jeana Keough shared a photo to Instagram on July 2 after running into an old friend, “The Amazing Race” season 5 winner Chip McAllister, but the post was removed from her feed soon after, at the instruction of her daughter, Kara.

“Take this down, now,” Kara commented on the since-deleted post, a simple selfie that featured face filters that removed wrinkles from Jeana and Chip and also brightened up Jeana’s green eyes. Soon after deleting, Keough reposted her selfie without the filters, captioning her post, “Ran into my friend Chip McAllister. Winner of season 5 of The Amazing Race.”

“There’s my girl,” Kara commented on her mother’s repost.

Fans Praise Jeana Keough for Reposting Her Selfie Filter-Free

Queens of Bravo shared a side-by-side of Keough’s posts on July 2, letting fans see both of her selfies, one with and one without the filters. Kara’s comments were included in their side-by-side as well.

Besides Kara, fans took to Keough’s repost comments to praise her for reposting her selfie sans filter. “thank you for calling this out. Your momma is beautiful. All of the editing isn’t necessary. Let’s embrace our true selves!!” one fan wrote in response to Kara’s second comment.

“😂 😂 😂 😂 Kara cracking me up. Your mom is pretty enough without any filters,” another fan added.

“Much better!!! 🙌 ❤️ So much more genuine and beautiful just as you are! Now delete the other one 😉 ✌🏻 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 We love you. This all comes from love,” another user commented on her post.

“You looking incredible you’re the only person I know that gets younger with every age,” a fourth user shared.

“Love this pic without filters! You look so good you need to give yourself credit!! 😍,” another user wrote.

Jeana Keough Celebrated Another Milestone for Her Granddaughter

Although Kara called out her mother’s filtered post, it was done out of love as the mother and daughter are very close.

Keough took to Instagram on July 4 to celebrate her youngest grandchild, Kara’s daughter Stetson, writing, “Happy 7 months Stetson,” alongside a photo of baby Stetson smiling directly into the camera.

Kara gave birth to Stetson in November 2023, the fourth child that she’s had with husband Kyle Bosworth after welcoming a daughter Decker in January 2016 and a son Vaughn in April 2021. The pair welcomed another son named McCoy in April 2020, however McCoy passed away six days after birth after experiencing shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord during his birth.

Kara marked what would have been McCoy’s fourth birthday in a March 31, 2024 post, where she also celebrated the arrival of her rainbow baby Vaughn a year later. “Four years ago on Easter, McCoy died in my arms. Three years ago today, Vaughn cried in my arms. In that single second, he brought color back into my world and mended so many of the cracks of my shattered heart. Since that moment, our rainbow boy has splashed vibrant color over every dark shadow of my soul. I blinked and now he’s three. […] The only thing better than seeing him as a brother to Stetson and Decker, would be to see him with McCoy too. We love you, Nonnie. Happy birthday, my son.”

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