Jeff Lewis Shades Sonja Morgan’s “Obnoxious Drunk Behavior”

Jeff Lewis Claims WWHL “Edited” Out Sonja Morgan’s “Obnoxious Drunk Behavior,” Shares What Happened with Her During Break, and Repeats Rumor about Why Crappie Lake Wasn’t Renewed

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Jeff Lewis claimed Watch What Happens Live “edited” out Sonja Morgan’s “obnoxious drunk behavior.” He also shared what happened with her during the break, and repeated a rumor about why her show Crappie Lake wasn’t renewed.

Sonja, Jeff and several other Bravolebs were featured on WWHL to celebrate its 15-year anniversary. In one awkward moment, Jeff argued with Teresa Giudice over a past diss, though he apologized for it before the taping.

“I was very annoyed by Sonja,” said Jeff of the WWHL live episode on his “Jeff Lewis Extended,” via @lgal818 on TikTok . “I believe — I have not seen the episode … that they did a lot of work to edit her obnoxious drunk behavior. But what you see [was] twenty times worse.”

“She never stopped talking. She was belligerent. She was rude and disrespectful. She was confrontational. She came for me at the break,” he said. “I was completely turned off by her behavior.”

His cohost who watched the episode said that – during Jeff’s argument with Teresa – Sonja can be heard telling him, “You need to bow down to her!” He said Sonja could also be heard shouting things in the background, though they tried to muffle her out.

Jeff then took a swing at Sonja’s career.

“I watched her behavior, and I thought to myself, this has got to affect your career. When you show up at a professional event and act like this, how can this not affect your career?” he said. “Well what I found out recently — and it is a rumor — that one of the reasons that Crappie Lake was not renewed was not because it wasn’t successful. It was because of her and her behavior. So it has affected her profession, as far as I know. That is a rumor.”

“I think that people really like her and are rooting for her,” he added. “[But] I think she needs to clean up her act … She came for me at the break and said … ‘I only hate one other person more than you.’”

Jeff claimed Sonja “accused” him of something he doesn’t “recall doing.”


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“And then after the show, she just was like in my face wanting to talk about it, talk about it, talk about it,” he said. “And then finally one of the Bravo executives … literally kind of like pulled her away from me.”

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