Jeff Lewis Thinks Sonja Morgan’s Conduct Axed Crappie Lake

Sonja Morgan presented as plastered and petty during the 15th anniversary of Watch What Happens Live, causing Jeff Lewis to note that these same behaviors might be why Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake never got renewed. After this special aired, Jeff jumped on his podcast to start breaking this event down. And then, he released an extended cut, further speculating on this little opinion of his. Like always, Jeff failed to mince his words.

Cue Lisa Rinna saying “You’re so angry.” Maybe.

According to Jeff, Sonja puts the “crap” in Crappie Lake

Speaking via Jeff Lewis Extended on SiriusXM, Jeff brought up this messy special, stressing that he “was very annoyed by Sonja.” He also believes “that they did a lot of work to edit [out] her obnoxious, drunk behaviors,” Apparently, what we didn’t see was “20 times worse,” because “She never stopped talking. She was belligerent.” He also labeled Sonja as being “rude,” “disrespectful,” and “confrontational.”

Those are fighting words. Yet, Sonja’s not really fighting back, yet. Whatever you do, don’t touch the Morgan Letters next, Jeff.

Then, Jeff poured his real tea. If you ask him, Sonya’s become a liability for Bravo. And perhaps, this is why her spin-off with Luann de Lesseps is now not gonna happen.

“Well, what I found out recently, and it is a rumor, that one of the reasons that Crappie Lake was not renewed was not because it wasn’t successful for them,” Jeff began. “It was because of her and her behavior. So it has affected her professionally,” he added, making sure to get his legal protections in by noting again that “That is a rumor.”

Even still, Jeff did throw Sonja a semi-nice bone. “I think that people really like her and are rooting for her,” he began. But then, he correctly clocked the root of this problem, stressing that “there is a point in time where it’s not funny anymore.”

If you ask me, Jeff’s at least right on one aspect here. I mean, I adore Sonja, but at some point, she’s gotta reign it in. When Sonja’s fun and responsible with her drinking, she’s a freaking riot.


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