Jennifer Lawrence Has Doubts About Craig Conover & Paige DeSorbo

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo


Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo

Andy Cohen was joined by Jennifer Lawrence for the June 26 episode of “Watch What Happens Live” and the Oscar-winning actress and Bravo fan shared her thoughts on several stars of the network, including Craig Conover.

Cohen asked Lawrence for her opinion on a lot of different shows and current news events in the Bravo world, including the “Southern Charm” star’s relationship with Paige DeSorbo. “Paige and Craig, what’s your forecast for them as a couple,” Cohen asked Lawrence.

The “Hunger Games” star remained silent for a few moments as Cohen looked on expectantly, and Lawrence eventually broke the loaded silence by saying, “I don’t know… I mean, they’ll get married if they want to.” The WWHL host then asked, “Ok… Do you think Paige wants to?”

“No,” DeSorbo replied. “And I don’t know her, but no.” Cohen asked her if she thought that if the couple were to break up, it would be DeSorbo that initiated the split and she answered, “Oh my god, Craig’s gonna kill [me].” The “No Hard Feelings” star then went on to share that she doesn’t know Conover personally but had a funny story about him.

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Jennifer Lawrence Recalled the Time She Met Craig Conover Over FaceTime at a Taylor Swift Concert

After Lawrence confessed that she thought Conover would “kill” her if he heard her comments, Cohen seemed surprised that she knew him. “I don’t know Craig,” Lawrence told him but said she had a “really funny” story about an encounter she had with him.

“I was at a Taylor Swift concert and it’s like the middle of the night, you know, I’m high on music,” she recounted during her WWHL appearance. “All of a sudden this woman… just gets like side-blown by security, she’s like, ‘Jennifer! Look who this is! Jennifer look who this is!’ And it was like on an iPad, a FaceTime of Craig,” Lawrence added, explaining that the woman had been holding up an iPad to show her.

She added, “And Craig just had this look on his face, this expectant [look]. Like, ‘Jennifer, it’s me.’ I was like ‘Craig, not now,’” she laughed.

Bravo Fans Have Seen the Progression of Paige DeSorbo & Craig Conover’s Relationship on Their Shows for Over a Year Now

Conover and DeSorbo have been dating for over a year now, with their relationship featuring on three Bravo shows: “Summer House,” “Southern Charm,” and “Winter House.”

Most recently, Conover guest starred on season 7 of “Summer House” as he visited DeSorbo in the Hamptons. The two had some big conversations about their long-distance relationship and their next steps as a couple. While Conover wanted the two to get engaged soon and live together, DeSorbo didn’t feel ready to leave New York City.

In May 2023, DeSorbo told ET Online that the two Bravo stars are still together and having “the same conversations” about their next steps. She pointed out that they’ve only been dating a year and a half and she’s just 30 years old. “I’m just so focused on my career right now — and he is so supportive of that — and so it’s kind of like, when I’m ready, I’ll go on down to the South,” she shared.

DeSorbo clarified that she wasn’t choosing New York City over her boyfriend but was simply focusing on her career as they continued long distance and that he was supportive of her. However, the “Summer House” star shared that their flexible schedules made long-distance dating a lot easier and they were able to see each other every week.

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