Jo Wenberg Says Tom Schwartz “Blocked” Her

Tom Schwartz and Jo Wenberg’s friendship has taken an unfortunate turn.

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During a May 10 Instagram Live stream, Jo claimed the Vanderpump Rules cast member had sent her a strongly worded text message before cutting off their communication. 

“I’ll be honest with you guys; he just blocked me on texting,” Jo said just two hours after she received the alleged text. “He doesn’t want anything to do with me. He doesn’t want to even go to a place of, like, ‘Let’s have a conversation. Let’s just make sure we’re all going to be OK.’”

Jo Wenberg calls Tom Schwartz’s girlfriend, Sophia Skoro, a “fan”

Jo said Tom was upset over recent comments she made about his new girlfriendSophia Skoro. The SoCal hairstyle, who had a complicated romance with Tom, questioned the budding relationship and suggested Sophia was only interested in Tom because of his fame.

“I think Tom Schwartz is dating a fan,” Jo said in a previous Instagram Live. “Sorry, I mean, I just know that for a fact. And I think that that’s amazing… Like, let’s just let him do his thing.”

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Tom Schwartz allegedly tells Jo Wenberg, “Please let me go”

Tom apparently caught wind of the comments and allegedly asked Jo to keep his and Sophia’s names out of her mouth. 

“Leave me be. Please don’t mention me or my girlfriend anymore,” Jo read from Tom’s purported text. “Why would you waste another second of your life chasing someone who doesn’t want to be with you… Please let me go. I’m respectfully blocking you, so whatever you say will fall on deaf ears.”

Jo went on to say she can now “kind of relate to” Tom’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney.

“She probably wasn’t wrong,” Jo continued, before referencing her and Katie’s past drama. “However, she was mean to me, but if you really think about it and break it down… you know what, I really learned my lesson.”

Jo Wenberg confronts Tom Schwartz’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney Reacts to Jo Wenberg’s Apology

Fans got a closer look at Katie and Jo’s conflict in the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale when Katie explained why she had such an issue with Jo.

“Do you feel like you owe me an apology?” Jo asked. “I sent you a genuine text about the divorce, and I really mean it.”

“Yeah, and then suddenly grew a pair and asked him if you could, like, stay with him,” Katie fired back, referring to the time Jo was living in Tom’s apartment. “I just feel like you always had it for him, and you were just waiting for your moment.”

Katie Maloney defends Jo Wenberg amid Tom Schwartz drama

But it seemed Katie had a change of heart as Season 11 played out. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the former SURver admitted she didn’t know all the details of Tom and Jo’s situationship, as she only heard the former’s side of the story. 

“I don’t think any of us really knew what was truly going on with the two of them because we were getting a very different version or really no information from Tom about what was happening,” Katie said. “Seeing their dynamic and seeing how they were together and getting kind of Jo’s perspective on the whole thing was very eye-opening. I kind of did feel for her because he was giving her the runaround and breadcrumbing her a bit, and it made me feel a little sad because she did have an investment in him and real feelings there.”

Katie said she also called Tom out for the way he treated Jo: “I think I told him it was a bit of a f-boy behavior.”

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